Five Friday Favorites- NYC picture ideas

There are soooo many places I like to go to take pictures in New York City alone, but here are my top 5 places.

1.  Cobblestone streets and taxis: The cobblestone streets in Soho are cool for picture taking because it adds a natural effect to the photo that you wouldn't have otherwise. Cobblestone with some taxis in the background is like the ultimate NYC picture because I feel like taxis and cobblestones are like the two trademarks of New York City. They add the everyday city vibe to the picture, which is important because some people will find places where its quiet and no ones around, but that's not what the city is like at all. I like taking pictures where all the action takes place.


2. Herold Square: My favorite place to take pictures in Herold square is the garden that they have in the middle of the street. When you angle the camera the right way, you can get the flowers and the city in the background. I also like it because it's a spot where a lot is happening at once, so the photo doesn't look staged. Everyone is walking to try to get to where they need to go, so you can capture a "true New Yorker". 


3. Lincoln Center: I've become obsessed with the fountain at Lincoln Center, and I have no idea why. I was drawn to it when I was walking to the Empire Hotel and the sun was hitting it at just the right angle and the pictures came out perfect!


4. Graffiti art: I love seeing Graffiti art on the streets of New York because each one is different. There are some that just have writing and scribbles on them, but others are designs and pictures that are super cool! Graffiti is seen everywhere in the city, so I like to keep an eye out for them incase I want to stop to take some cool pictures.


5. Restaurants and cafes: It may seen strange to just randomly stop in front of a restaurant or cafe, but some of them are very photogenic, so why not? There are a couple of places where I've just stopped and taken a picture because of a special detail I liked in the railing or the bench inside of the restaurant. There's also been some cool spots to take pictures where there's an outdoor seating area, and if no one is around, I'll just take some pictures outside the place!

Alexis CareyComment