The science behind tanning

I love showing off my tan when going anywhere, but there's a lot that goes behind staying tan without it being dangerous. Today, I'm going to share my official tanning tips to anyone that wants to know ways to get more tan, and since I'm spending my week down at the Jersey Shore, there's no better time!

First off, I always put some type of sun protector on, so I'm not fully exposed to the sun. This makes the sun less damaging to my skin when I get older and to avoid getting skin cancer. I use my favorite sunscreen ever, Australian Gold. It work so well, and I see results within a day (it may be because I use SPF 15, but that's better than nothing.) I recommend this because it doesn't feel oily like tanning oil and it smells so good! Depending on how harsh the sun is, I reapply anywhere from one to three times a day. 

Similar  bikini top / similar  bikini set / hat

Similar bikini top/ similar bikini set/hat

I also have a science behind tanning too:

Along with the help of my Australian Gold, I also always wear either a dark suit and/or lay on a dark towel because you will absorb more sun if you have a darker color on or around you. I usually wear all my darker colors during the beginning of my vacation, until I reach my maximum tan, then I bring out the lighter colors to show off the tan. 

similar Bikini top/similar  sunglasses

similar Bikini top/similar sunglasses


I also say that the prime tan time is from 11-2, which means that when you are tanning during that time, you will see better results. This is because the sun is right above you and it is the strongest at this time. 


Stay tuned for my next post on Wednesday, where I talk about my tanning routine and my reasoning behind it!


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