Fashion inspiration from stores and your surroundings

You really can't have a store be a fashion role model, but you can definitely shop for fashion inspiration. When we think of shopping, we think of buying clothes, but that's not always true. People can go shopping without actually buying anything, it may be difficult for some, like myself, but you can actually get a lot of new ideas from just looking. Since I live so close to the city, I am exposed to many many different stores that are good for browsing. Window shopping is another helpful way to get ideas from other stores for outfits that may be similar to the ones that you have at home. It also allows you to be exposed to clothes, with being less temped to go in and buy it since you are not even inside!

Another great way to get some fashion inspiration is just looking around. Anywhere you go, especially New York City, you will see people of all different styles. It's really cool to see how one person can pull off one look that maybe you yourself wouldn't feel comfortable in. Or it could be the complete opposite, you could have the same taste in style and you can strike a conversation by asking where they got that shirt from. You could also see someone wearing a certain style in a way that you would never think of wearing it. Wherever I am, my mom and I will always point out when we like someones shirt or shoes. And, after all, stores sell the clothes that people will WANT to wear, not the ones that people see and won't be eager to buy. 

Social media is a great way to follow my favorite stores to see what people decide to wear from the clothes they buy. I follow some stores on Instagram to get fashion inspiration too. I follow Lulus, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Abercrombie, Necessary Clothing, TobiMother Denim, Anthropologie, Free People, Planet BlueRevolve, Madewell, Zara and Aritzia. I look at these Instagram account to come up with new ways to wear my clothes. I really like how stores will post pictures of people that have tagged them as a way to show how real people wear them. It shows that there is more than one way to wear that outfit.