Two outfits in one day?!


I'll be spending a majority of my day in the city today doing many activities. At my FIT course, I visited the FIT museum and walked to the Dover Street Market. The exhibit at the FIT museum was all about how nature influences fashion throughout centuries and it has continued to do so. The theme of each piece is how people should try to be more connected with nature and try to protect it, instead of destroying it. The Dover Street Market has a really cool layout to it, which was my favorite part. Each floor tried to convey a different theme. The clothes are all one of a kind, which is why a lot of celebrities and trendsetters will shop there. After I'm finished for the day at FIT, I'll be going to Meatpacking to do some shopping, walking the highline and eating at Dos Caminos! 


Theres a very different atmosphere when spending the entire day in the city. During the day, people are busy going to where they have to go. If you watch on the streets, people are always on their phone or walking fast to get somewhere because there's no fooling around during the day. However at night, it's completely different. People are more laid back and ready to go out. They will go out late for dinner. They are noticeably more friendly to me.


I decided to bring two outfits to fit the city mood. I wore my casual outfit during the day because I was walking around a lot. I want to be comfortable during the day, whether I'm active or just in one spot for the day. At night, I decided to wear a more fancy outfit. I wore my Forever 21 jumpsuit because it's super fun and it's definitely a going out outfit. I tried to dress it up more with my DSW wedges. I also did a mid ponytail, which completed my fancy look.