The Techniques of Online Shopping...A sequel to the techniques of in store shopping

My online shopping process is a little different than the brick and mortar one because I cannot try them on. The difference between online and in store is that online has so much more to offer than a store does. When I go online shopping, I keep in mind how much I'm spending and I pay close attention to how the clothes look on the model. Brands try to make the models look their best in their clothes, so if they don't look good on the model, there's a likely chance that it won't look good on a person either. I always base a store off of if it has good dresses or not, it's sort of weird but if there are dresses that I like, then there is more of a chance that I'll buy other clothes too. 


Take Forever 21 as an example. When I first go onto their online store, I look at their homepage. They will usually have upcoming sales, or a new collection that you can look at. One thing I have seen a lot of big stores doing is the "Shop the Gram". This is where you can see outfits on people from Instagram, so you can get a sense of what it looks like on an actual person and you can also see the different ways to wear that outfit too. If an outfit stands out to you from there, you can just click on their picture and it brings you straight to everything that person is wearing. How cool is that?! So I'll check those out for a bit and see if there's anything cute, then I'll start looking at the other stuff. I go straight to the dress tab and look at their dresses. If I like them, I'll start adding them to the cart, and when I'm done, I'll move on to tops. If there are cute tops, I'll put them in my cart. I never really buy pants or shorts  online because I need to try them on in person so I can see the fit. 


When I'm done looking around, I'll go to my cart, where there is usually a minimum of $500 worth of clothes waiting for me. My process of elimination is mostly the same; I'll see if I have anything similar already, I'll look at the price, and if I have an occasion to wear it too. After I eliminate some clothes, I will look at what is really the most and least expensive. With a place that is expensive, I'll usually go with more cheaper things than the expensive to get more quantity, but with stores that are known to be more cheaper, I'll go with the expensive things so I know it will be better quality.