Ilymix sunglasses

There are so many brands of sunglasses, some well known brands and others not so much. I have recently been trying to find a good pair of summer sunglasses, and I finally found a great pair from Ilymix. My pair are super stylish and they match with every outfit! They are my new favorite pair to wear wherever I go. They look and feel exactly like a pair from Sunglasses Hut, except they are way more reasonably priced! The sunglasses at Ilymix are only $20-35. My pair were $32, which I'll link here. But even better, I have paired with Ilymix and I'm doing a collaboration with them. If you use the code "Nycfashionfitnessfun10" when checking you, you will get 10% off your purchase of sunglasses, how great is that?!

Alexis CareyComment