What time is it? It's shopping time

Everyone has those favorite stores where you can go to three days in a row and still find new things to try on. Do you ever go into a dressing room with clothes that you know you could never actually buy because your mom would kill you for spending that much money, but still want to see how good you would look in it? That's sort of what happened to me while I was in New York City.

There were many stores that I went into, some I've been in 500 times and some only 5 times. I'll start off with Urban Outfitters (one of my favorites). There are always soooo many clothes that I end up trying on. First off, the gold jacket is absolutely killer. You could definitely work out with anything to have a super cool, urban chic look. For spring, I think it would look cool with some platform sneakers ( I get mine at Puma and Adidas), along with jeans (boyfriend or skinny) and a plain black or white shirt. Obviously, this jacket is super expensive because of the material and the fact that it's Urban Outfitters. I also tried it on with this rose pink dress, which was so cute! The dress alone was such a cute, plain dress. If you're going for more of a casual, neutral look, you could wear it alone with some sneakers or sandals with a cute choker. If you're going for a more dressier look, you could wear it with a jacket, like this, and some cute pumps or wedges. Another look I think could become a new trend is the mesh look. The red and yellow mesh shirt is super cute! I think that if your going for more of a "chill" or sporty look, you could wear the yellow mesh shirt (it's not online anymore). I think that the red mesh shirt with the cropped shirt could be a cool shirt to wear to a festival like Coachella. 

My next store is Brandy Melville. Brandy Melville has more of an all year round spring/summer look, which I love because who doesn't love summer? The only issue is that they have a "one size fits all" policy. Sometimes I find that to be hard because everyone is all different shapes and sizes and not everyone has a model body, so it's hard to find clothes that fit right without feeling uncomfortable. But they have super good pricing on their clothes, so it's not that expensive depending on what you get. Anyways, I found so many cute clothes when I went. I tried on a pair of yellow shorts, which felt like I was wearing pajama shorts, they were so comfy! My top was just a plain white tank top, which fit perfectly. My next outfit was the white tank from before and these super cool, striped pants. I have seen these pants before in other places such as Coachella (last year), Gov Ball, and in many magazines and Instagram models. These pants looked great but had some material that made it fit well on my legs. My last outfit was the same pair of pants, but with a different shirt. This long sleeve, simple shirt is really good with any kind of jeans for a casual look. 

Forever 21 is my go to for anything that I'm trying to find for a reasonable price. There has been multiple instances where I have found something I really liked from an expensive store like Aritzia, Urban Outfitters or free people, and Forever 21 has had a similar or the exact same thing! I was looking for a gold jacket similar to what I had tried on and fallen in love with in Urban Outfitters. This jacket was super cheap and something I could end up wearing on a more everyday basis to school, out with my friends or when it's a little chilly outside. I especially liked the zipper ( I know that's not something that you get attracted too, but it was different). The fit of it was also very appealing.