On the Edge of Springbreak

The story behind this outfit is actually pretty funny. I had ordered the Urban shirt and right away my mom was like "no.. we are returning this" and I thought, "yeah she's right, I didn't think that it would be that small." So I didn't even bother trying it on. Today, my family had a spring break "purge", where we cleaned out all of our rooms and closet. My mom found this leather jacket, which hadn't been touched in years, and asked me if I still wanted it. I was like, "yeah sure I'll have it." While I was trying to figure out an outfit to wear, I figured I could just try on the Urban shirt for fun, even though I was going to return it. I put on my pair of boyfriend jeans and the leather jacket and it actually turned out to look pretty good, which is NOT a good sign because I'm supposed to be returning it. Catch me crying while returning this shirt tomorrow at Urban! 

You could easily rock this as a city style with the leather jacket that is ALWAYS a city must, whether its Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. This is the first leather jacket that I bought and its from Abercrombie and Fitch. I ordered my tub top online at Urban Outfitters, which is probably 85% of my wardrobe. This shirt runs somewhat on the smaller side and when you first get it, it doesn't look like it will cover much,  so I suggest ordering one size up. It goes down to about right above my belly button. After I put this shirt on, I thought it was the coolest thing ever!

My boyfriend jeans are also from Abercrombie and Fitch. I think that Abercrombie and Fitch's boyfriend jeans are one of the best. They fit amazing on me and the holes are strong enough to stay together after it's washed. My shoes are from PUMA and they are my newest obsession. I got them from DSW and they are super comfortable! (I'm going to do a separate post about them later this week, so stay tuned!)

 My sunglasses and earrings are from Free People. I was looking for a pair of sunglasses that fit my face the right way. Some of the lenses in sunglasses are too big for my face or they just look weird, but I really like this pair because the circle style is really in and I don' t own a circular pair of glasses. My hoop earring, which I've gotten a lot of complements on, are perfect because they are light on my ears, so I don't feel like they are going to rip my hole.

The lesson to learn from post is don't judge a shirt by its cover.