A Summer of Work and Adventure


I am officially on summer break and have my first year of college under by belt! I’m so happy to be done with my first year of college where I have made so many new friends, as well as making the Deans list for both semesters. There were a lot of ups and downs of college. I loved being able to finally take fashion classes and learn more about the fashion industry. It was amazing how much free time I had to do things I wanted to do. I had a pretty strict routine though. Usually I would have class in the morning, where afterwards I would go to the gym for two hours and end the day with doing homework and watching TV at night. It was tough not being able to drive places and sharing a room with someone. I also really missed all my friends from home. But now I’m home and extremely excited for what’s to come!

I start my summer by working at Anthropologie at the Short Hills Mall. I’m really excited to get back to working because I love helping people style their clothes and I’ve developed mad folding skills since working there. I also like to be able to help unpack and lay out the new merchandise before the store opens. Although I have to be there pretty early in the morning to unpack the new merchandise, it’s fun being able to see what’s new before anyone else does. And let’s not forget the employee discount to Anthropologie, Free People and Urban Outfitters that I take full advantage of. I already have a full cart of Anthropologie and Free People clothes waiting for me. I’m going to really have to budget myself!

My first trip of the summer is going to be in June. I’m taking a road trip with my boyfriend and friends to see Boston for a few days! We have planned a Red Sox game, shopping, Acorn Street for a cute picture taking spot, Charles River Esplanade, The Reflecting Pool, skywalk observatory, Boston Harbor and much more! I’m not sure how much we will actually get to do, but those are just a few tourist places that I found!

A couple weeks after I get back from Boston, I’ll be going on my second (and biggest) trip of the summer. My family and I will be on a Mediterranean cruise for a week and a half. We will be flying to Barcelona and staying there for 3 days until we board the ship. We will be exploring the streets of Barcelona, including the many museums and amazing places to eat ( I will have to make sure I go to the gym a lot before the trip to make up for all the incredible Spanish food). For the first two days of the cruise, we will be on the at sea. I can imagine a typical day for me will either be tanning, swimming in the pools or doing some type of boat activity with my brother. I’m really going to have to limit myself to how much sun I’m going to be getting so I don’t look like a tomato. The third day, we will be docking in Naples, Italy at around 7 A.M. There, we will have around 9 hours to do what we want, which will include a tour or two and some pasta with wine. The fourth day, we are in Rome, Italy for the day, where we will explore the museums and beautiful streets. Thursday, we are in Florence, Italy for the day and will be enjoying the amazing architecture. Friday, we will be leaving Italy and going to Cannes France, which I’m really excited about because I’ve never been to France before. Friday, our last day before going back to Barcelona, we will be in Palma, Spain, a private island, where we will be beaching it up for the day. After we get back from the cruise on Saturday, we will spend two more days in Barcelona before coming back. In the meantime, I will be planning all the trip itineraries as well as my outfits all on Pinterest!

After coming back from that amazing trip, I’m starting an internship in New York City at the Mavi showroom. I’m so excited to be working again in the city after having so much fun during my high school senior internship. I’m particularly excited for this internship because I get to see what a retail showroom looks like. I will be interacting with buyers and experiencing that side of the fashion industry. After spending my middle school and high school summers experimenting with which aspect I would want to major in college in fashion, I’m repeating that same process again, except now I’m seeing what part of the industry I would want to work in! As of now, I have retail and textile experience working at Anthropologie and with my mom, but it will be good for me to see what else is out there! While I intern 3 days a week in New York City, I will also be continuing to work at Anthropologie for 2 days a week.

Of course in between all those adventures and jobs, I will be going on day trips to New York City and the Jersey shore!


For the summer, I have thought of some goals to try to achieve by the end of the 4 months that I’m home:

  1. Learn how to curl my hair: believe it or not, I have no clue how to curl my hair. It looks easy when I watch other people do it, but when I try, it comes out super crimped and not what I was going for at all. I have watched countless videos on Youtube, but they don’t help. I would really like to be able to curl my hair just to change it up a little!

  2. Be more active on social media: most people think that we should be taking breaks from social media, but I think I should spend more time on it to be able to engage with people more. Throughout the year, I would post pictures, but that would be it. I want to post more on my stories and be more engaging with people who follow me. Recently, I’ve been posting a lot of workout videos on my Instagram and IGTV.

  3. Write more blog posts: During the school year, I was really bad with keeping up with my blog posts. I had it on my list to do, but it always got pushed down the list as more and more assignments came on. Now that I have the summer, I want to be doing more posts. My goal is to do a blog post every two weeks on something different from fitness to fashion to my summer adventures.

    Ready to kick off a fun summer full of new adventures!