My Barbados Excursions

Besides doing my typical activity of tanning in the beach for the day, I also got to doing other cool activities. Barbados is filled with so many fun activities like snorkeling, exploring rain forests, exploring caves, looking at all the fish in a glass bottom boats, and going to the depths of the ocean in a submarine.   


On Monday, my family and I decided to go to Harrison’s Cave, one of Barbados main tourist attractions. When we got there, it ended up being sold out (which was a bummer). Fortunately for us, there was another cave that we could go too!  


After discovering that the Harrison’s cave tour was booked, we went down to the forest to look at it anyways. There were so many trees and flowers, it was so pretty! My favorite part had to be the trees and everything on the way back in the picture below.


After driving about 20 minutes, we arrived at the second cave called Animal Flower Cave (no, there weren’t any flowers OR animals in the cave). The views around the cave and in the cave were so amazing. One of my favorites was the ocean and rocks outside of the cave. It looks like something that is from a fairy tale. Inside the cave, there were a lot of rocks (obviously). Our guide took us through the whole cave, where it overlooked the Atlantic Ocean. At the end of the cave, there was a place for us to swim a little, but sadly I didn’t go swimming because I had a long ride home.  


On wednesday, my family and I went on the submarine beneath the ocean! This was such a cool experience that I’ve never done before. It was so cool to see all the different types of fish and sea animals. We saw a bunch of fish and a couple of sting rays! The tour guide pointed out some cool facts about all the animals in the ocean that we saw. It’s definitely eye opening to think that we are not only affecting the climate on earth, but also all of the sea animals and coral reefs. Being able to see how beautiful the coral reefs and animals are gives a much better perspective on why it’s so important to keep our planet clean. By 2050, there is going to be more plastic in the ocean than fish unless we do something about it. I would definitely go on another submarine again to see some new fish’s and the amazing views! 

Alexis CareyComment