Five Friday Favorites- New York Fashion Week

NYFW is here and I can't wait to tell you my 5 favorite things of fashion week:


1. The Outfits: I always love seeing what people are wearing to get dressed up for NYFW. This year I saw A LOT of bright colors and flared pants, which is not surprising. I decided to wear my black jeans with a cute green top because green is one of the popular 2017 colors. It was a new outfit I found in my closet, and I thought, no better place to wear this outfit than to NYFW! There were many people wearing similar colors. The colors I saw the most were black, white and red. It was interesting to see people's best "fashion week outfits" because each and every outfit was unique. I can't say where all of the outfits are from, but I can tell you where I got mine!

shirt ( similar )/ jeans /heels ( similar )/bag ( similar )

shirt (similar)/jeans/heels (similar)/bag (similar)


2. The fashion show vibes: I love a good fashion show more than the next person does. I went to the CAAFD fashion show and it was a blast! The atmosphere made it twice as exciting because everyone else is eager to see the designers latest pieces. I enjoyed this fashion show in part because it was a collective of designers, so I got to see multiple perspectives on what they designed for Spring/Summer 2018. No matter where you're sitting, you have a good view of the designs that they have created. 


3. The Instagram posts: During NYFW, the Instagram posts get twice as creative and photogenic as usual. People want to have the best pose to show that they are having a blast. Everyone has incredible make up and hair to show how good they look. So many great outfits in one room!


4. The celebrities and models being in NYC: I love NYFW because all the celebrities and famous models are in one place -New York City. I think it's so cool because you could so easily run into someone famous on the streets, even though that's never happened to me before (sadly). NYFW brings in so many famous people and you can see who's there just by looking on Instagram. 


5. The different themes: Each designer has a different theme or message that they want to portray through their designs. There's some that focus on the environment, color theme or detail in style. There was one designer that had a inspiration from wilderness, seen in the color and fit. Another has the focus on bright color. Many of the pieces included bright whites, blacks, reds and greens, with a sprinkle of pink, which I thought was interesting. Will pink be the new color? There was also a focus on the style of it, the neckline, the hemline and silhouette.