Five Friday favorites- Five things I do When I'm Stressed

Since school started, I've been so caught up and stressed with all the work of applying to colleges and homework is due on a given time, while I still have to do my other daily activities too. Sometimes, I need to take a break from all the stressful factors in my life. Here are some things I do when I want to relieve my stress:

1. Online shop: Shopping is all around something I do on a regular basis, but I will shop especially when I'm stressed out. I like to find new stores that wouldn't usually be at on my top 5 favorite. Recently, I have found a lot of cute clothes at Nordstroms, which I don't usually shop at. I downloaded the app and decided to take some time to look at some of the new fall collection. I found some dresses that I thought would look cute for when it gets a little more chilly outside. The good thing about online shopping is that it takes away the stress, and I'm not tempted to spend a dime :)


2. Go to the gym: Exercising has been proven to relieve stress, so what better way to get my mind off of things than to work out? It's a super healthy alternative rather than watching tv, which is something I also do (oops). I belong to a local YMCA and by now I have an official work out routine of what I exercise and when. I try to work out for around an hour and a half everyday, but sometimes it varies depending on my amount of homework and mood. I enjoy working out on a daily basis to stay healthy and feel good.


3. Blog: Obviously I love to blog and I try to make a point to do it two to three times a week. It's an easy way for me to share my opinions on what I actually like talking about, rather than something I'm forced to focus on. I'm super happy that people enjoy reading my posts as much as I love writing them because it's all about my experiences that make my life exciting. Although it may be harder to really know me, as a blogger, I try to express as much voice through my writing as possible, so my readers will better know me as a person. Along with the writing aspect, I also love taking pictures to match each post and interacting with my followers on Instagram. 


4. Draw and design outfits: Ever since I took a fashion design journal class at the Fashion Institute of Technology, I've made it a little hobby of mine to try to design outfits. Whenever I'm stressed, I sit at my desk and just draw an outfit. It could be the one I had on that day or it could be something inspired from someone I saw walking on the streets or at school. I really enjoy doing this because it brings out a creative side that was harder to see in the past. I also like to look back at other design I've created in the past and work off of that to create a new one.


5. Watch a funny show: Netflix is a major factor in every teens life. We watch and watch shows that aren't on live TV anymore. I loved watching The Vampire Diaries, 90210, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and The Office. I am currently rewatching the entire Friends series for the 4th time on Netflix. Picking a humorous show, like Friends, is a good way of taking my mind off of an issue or something that is stressing me out. The only problem that sometimes happens is that I get carried away and watch too much, but I always set a time limit on how much I am watching, so I still have time to do my other stuff.  

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