Five Friday Favorites-Photoshoot

Today, I went to a photoshoot for a new collection created by Adriano Goldschmied, aka the Godfather of Denim.  I met him when I was in Italy this summer and he is such an interesting person. It was so cool to see all the pieces come together on the models. Here are 5 things I loved about the photo shoot today:

1. The collection (of course!): this collection is all denim inspired pieces. There's a line for men and another for women. There were so many cool and different outfits that looked really nice. My favorite outfits was the cropped denim jacket with the bright yellow pants. It was so different that it would look so cool as a street outfit. Another one of my favorites was the denim pants with the white patches shirt. It's basic but you could do so much with it.


2. The poses: I think it's so fun watching models pose because it always looks so natural and effortless, but it's a lot harder than it looks. When someone asks you just to pose, most people tend to do a stiff pose, but models are trained to do all these different poses just off their head, and they look so natural when they do it. I definitely learn a lot of new poses from watching them. 


3. The styling: A lot of what goes into a photo shoot is the make up and hair styling. The make up has to look natural, but has to look like there still wearing make up. Another  important thing is the hair. When doing a photo shoot outside, the wind could mess up hair and make it to all over the place. When inside, it's easier to manage and keep under control. 


4. The hotel and street pictures: Today, we went to the La Sirena Restaurant to take pictures in the morning. The place that was rented was so cool! It was a rooftop with a little bar and a seating area. When the sun started to come out, the lighting looked so natural and pretty. We also set up a white backdrop to focus on the pieces. After lunch, we went outside to take some more natural pictures. Street pictures show personality and are more interesting to look at because there's always something going on in the background. 


5. The outcome: The outcome of the pictures are always my favorite part of a photoshoot. You get to see your favorites and they always come out so clearly because of the camera that is used. When looking for the perfect pictures, you have to look for a good proportion, lighting, faces, and body language. 

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