Thinking Ahead....How the Internet Will Impact My Life in 10 Years

I spy with my eyes a pair of glasses that will change the world. They look like any old pair, but they aren’t in fact.

Fast forward...I wake up to the vibration of my wireless alarm singing my favorite song as my blinds automatically open and the light slowly turn on. I put on my Tekspeks, or Teks for short, and walk to the bathroom as my Teks does a security retina scan simultaneously. As I put my toothpaste on my electric toothbrush, I ask my Teks,  "Does this toothpaste actually make my teeth whiter?"   It scans my current toothpaste and finds options that may better suit my teeth. I walk to my closet to pick out my outfit.  I say "My outfit for today has to be comfortable, but trendy. What should I wear?"  Teks send a signal to my closet to pull out the perfect outfit. Teks are blue-toothed to the smart hangers that arrange my clothes based on major fashion databases like WSGN and Womens Wear Daily. It's 7am and my Teks send an alert to the coffeemaker to make my morning coffee and toast.

I rush downstairs to find my breakfast ready.  As I walk to the coat closet, I quickly say, "Teks, find me a jacket for today".  It instantly finds the right jacket for me based on the weather, what colors I am wearing and styles of the season. Before rushing out the door, I tell my Teks to start my car.

When driving to school, my Teks will alert me on traffic and kids walking on my route. Teks puts my phone on "car mode" so I won't get distracted by my texts.  All cars now also have a self-driving mode, so I can just put on my seatbelt and press my finger against the finger-scanning ignition.

During school, my Teks will be able to help me with any subject. I can search anything like “how to simplify a matrix” using the calculator mode. In English, I can move from simple to more complex words using Teks’ thesaurus. In psychology, Teks helps me remember my dreams and interpret what they mean.  

After school, I go to the gym to relieve stress. I tell my Teks to create the best workout possible for the quickest results. Today, I want to focus on my legs and abs, so my Teks generate a workout routine for that. As I walk to the treadmill, Teks tell me exactly how fast to run and for how long. When I sit down at any machine, it tells me how many reps to do along with how to correctly use the machine. My Teks keeps track of calories that I'm burning. When I finish the workout, it suggests that I do "cool down" exercises. It arranges these exercises from hard to easy, so I get the hardest ones over with first.

After showering, I hit the books.  In the past, homework was stressful.  Now the hours of studying are reduced to simple knowledge scans.  During my math homework, I realize I don't understand something and have my Teks show me a tutorial.

Thanks to Teks, being a High School Senior in 2027 is easier. Teks helps me everyday with so many things.  Now I am using Teks to help apply to college. It reviews my essays and finds scholarships to help pay for college. I stumble across an interesting scholarship called "Internet of Things".  I have to think of how technology will affect my life in 10 years, I wonder what I should write?

Alexis CareyComment