Five Friday favorites-summer outfits

As my summer comes to a clothes (ha), I would like to reflect on my 5 favorite outfits from this summer.

1. All Zara Outfit (checkered shirt + denim skirt or leather skirt): So, funny story about this outfit. I was waiting at the train station in Venice, Italy, when my mom and I decided to do some shopping. We went into the Zara, and I ended up buying the checkered crop top shirt and the leather skirt. I was also looking on this one rack with a bunch of skirts on it, and I found what is now my all time favorite skirt. I had actually recognized it on one of my favorite bloggers, Olivia Jade, when she had done a Zara shopping haul post. I decided to buy the last skirt they had available. In total, the two skirts and one shirt came out to be only $12, which is the best $12 I've spent to this day. 

Shirt /denim skirt (not available anymore, similar one  here  except in leather)/  leather skirt /  sandals /  sneakers

Shirt/denim skirt (not available anymore, similar one here except in leather)/ leather skirt/ sandals/ sneakers

2. Flared pants: Making it's debut in Venice, these flared pants make me feel like the trendiest person out there. Since it's high waisted (bonus points), I like to wear it with a solid black, white or occasionally pink crop top. I like how you can make them look as fancy or as casual as you want it to be. On a casual day, I would wear these pants with a white crop top, but I could also dress it up in the evening with a black or pink crop top and some funky shoes to go along with it. I definitely see myself wearing these pants a lot in the fall, so watch out! 

pants (Not available)/ black crop top/ pink strapless top

pants (Not available)/ black crop top/ pink strapless top

3. Army green overalls and white off the shoulder top: Army green has always been one of my favorite colors to wear, and luckily I found overalls in that exact color! I was shopping with one of my friends at Aritzia and I decided to try it on because I had never tried on a pair of overalls before. Lets just say, when I looked in the mirror, I knew it was coming home with me! I've worn the overalls on a couple occasions before, including a OneRepublic concert and a few dates. Once I bought the overalls, I needed a shirt to go underneath it, so I did some searching. I was on Instagram and an add for this shop Showpo came up. I did some snooping around and they had really cute things for such good prices! I ended up buying the shirt from Showpo and bringing it with me everywhere!


4. Striped jumpsuit: If you ever need an outfit to make you feel like a boss, this is the one. I bought this jumpsuit from Forever 21 for $20, and I'm so happy I did. I like to dress it up a with a belt because I thought that it looked a little plain by itself, even though it has stripes. I wore it when I stayed in NYC (read to see what I did here) with some DSW army green wedges, and it made for a confidence building outfit. The best outfits are the ones that make you feel more confident about yourself, whether you feel more elegant, classy, trendy or sophisticated. If a piece of clothing makes you feel better about yourself, the store is doing their job and it's a win-win for everyone!


5. Crazy denim dress from Zara: I call this the crazy denim dress because of all the detail to it. From the fringes at the bottom, to the lacing up on the front and back, this dress screams crazy trendy. It takes the trend of fringe, which is seen in jeans everywhere now a days. I like the fringe at the bottom of the dress specifically because it shows that difference in the alteration, which is going to be huge for this fall (click here to read Forecasting the jean trends for Fall/Winter 2017). It also ties up (pun again lol) the look with the lace up denim on the front and back of the dress, which is another trend. We've seen it in stores that sell the lace up shirts and even shoes as a more trendy and rebellious look. Something you may not know about the lace up is that we are going to be seeing it now in pants! I've seen some stores with the lace up in black and white jeans, and I'm sure there will be some with denim too. This dress combines all different aspects of trends, from lace up to fringe, just the fact that it's denim, which is a trend by itself. 

denim dress (not available anymore)/  hat / shoes (DNA footwear shoes not available anymore)

denim dress (not available anymore)/ hat/ shoes (DNA footwear shoes not available anymore)

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