Doing more with less when packing

We have the typical over packers and the under packers, and I'm definitely an over packer when it comes to traveling. If I could, I would take my entire closet to my trips (trust me I've tried), but that would be a lot of extra clothes waiting to get lost. Deciding which outfits to bring on a trip is one of the most important parts of packing because you will be wearing those clothes and hopefully taking pictures, so you want to look good!

I'm going to be traveling to Italy this week, which is the heart of fashion, so I have to make sure my outfits are on point. I do my typical packing process (refer to my What to wear for a week in NYC post) when deciding what to bring, but in this case, I want to talk about how you can wear more when packing less (this post will also be helping me as much as you!) There are some things to keep in mind when eliminating clothes:

Top vs bottom instinct: When picking out an outfit, are you more likely to find a bottom to highlight the top or a top to highlight the bottoms? Personally, I have many more unique tops than bottoms, so I try to show off my tops by picking out more plain bottoms. This is also a reason why, when packing, I tend to bring more tops than bottoms. 


The magic three: Whenever I'm stuck in a situation, where I either have too many shoes or tops, I use what I call the magic three to help me decide. Basically what I do is I take a shirt and say, "if I can wear this with more than three outfits, and have it look different in each look, than it's a keeper!" By different, I try to highlight a detail, whether it's the hem of a dress or the pattern of a shirt. It's more clear when I show pictures, so look at my shoes and how they are in more than three DIFFERENT outfits. 


Day or night... or both?!: There's a difference between a day outfit and a night outfit, but does there have to be? A day outfit to me could be anything from a sundress to denim shorts to Adidas sneakers, and a night outfit would be anything from a maxi skirt or to a cocktail dress with some pumps. So how can you do both? My answer to that is accessorize!!! Wearing different accessories allows one outfit to go from casual, "day in the park" outfit to fit the standards of a fancier, "night out" outfit. When I think of day wear, the few most common accessories that come to mind are sunglasses, headbands and studded earrings. When I think of a fancier outfit, I think of hooped earrings, statement necklaces and shoes. So, if you're ever on the go and don't have time to change into something completely different, always rely on your accessories to transform your look! (If you ever do have time to change, check out my Two outfits in one day?! post.)


Hairstyles: Going along on how you can change up a look without changing an outfit is hair. Hairstyles are a great way to complete the look that you are going for. The difference between my casual and fancy look could just be a simple ponytail. I think that a good mid ponytail is a great way to complement an outfit and make it look more upscale. You could also always curl or straighten it when either going out or for the day. I think blow drying and simple braids, like french braids, are a good "go to" for a day outfit. I'm sure there are so many more things that you could do with hair, so don't underestimate it!


I hope this has helped all of my viewers who are reading this just as much as me! As the italians say arrivederci, see you soon!