Five Friday Favorites: insider to fashion forecasting

I've mentioned several times how I study fashion forecasting during the summer at FIT, but I haven't given any hints yet to what you should start to watch out for. The time has come! Here are 5 trends that you should watch out for in Fall/ Winter 2017. 

1. Lace: There's an increase of lace details in clothing already, but it's just going to keep growing. Lately, I've seen a lot of lace appearing in intimate apparal, though the intimate apparel has now started to flow over to everyday apparel. So if you have started stocking yourself with enough lace for the fall, just keep going!


2. Denim: Denim has ALWAYS been around. This season, we have seen a lot of distressing and a more loose styles in comparasion to the Skinny, "clean jean" that we were so used to before. What comes in store for denim this fall/ winter will continue to be loose, comfortable silhouettes,  but for all you flare lovers, it's coming back! Word around the street is flared will be the new skinny. 


3. Pattern: We have become prone to sticking with our solids to stay on the safer side, but things are about to get crazy! Patterns are coming next and, boy, you better be ready! Patterns like stripes and animal prints will be showing up. Here's a little secret too...when dealing with stripes, if you want to make something look longer, go with the vertical stripes, if you want to make something seem somewhat shorter, go with horizontal. 


4. Humanity Movement: There's going to continue to be a huge push for the environment and humanity. This means that there will be prints that represent nature as well as a lot of blues, browns and greens. This also means that there's a strive for sustainable fabrics that are less harmful to the environment. 


5. Netural vs bright color: According to Pantone, the industry color authority,  green is supposed to be the color of the year. Green has been around this year, but I haven't really noticed a huge usage of green in everyday wardrobe. In the spring/summer, there has definitely been a big usage of yellows and reds. In the fall, you'll start to see more neutral colors coming to match the theme of humanity and environment. Neutral blues, greys and pinks will start to collide with the vibrant reds, yellows and greens that we have seen already making an interesting mix! 

Alexis CareyComment