Five Friday Favorites

Here are 5 of my random favorites. Links to outfits and beauty are attached. 

1. Zara: I have definitely mentioned my love for Zara, but I'm just going to say it again, my new favorite store for the summer is officially Zara. Every time I walk into that store, I'm amazed at what I find for such an affordable price! I've bought dresses, skirts, tops and jackets, so there's something of everything. There's a large selection to choose from when you walk in , but I guaranteed, you will find something in there just for you.

Dress (not available)   

Dress (not available)


2. DDD beads Chokers: I think these chokers are so cute because they have that summer, beachy feel to it. They are simple, which is a good thing, because they end up going with more outfits than some other ones would, but it still adds color. I'm so happy I'm partnering with them for their amazing chokers. If you use the code "style15", you can get 15% off your purchase. You guys should definitely try to get one, if you don't own one already.

3. Kikos lip glosses: The reason why my newest obsession is my Kikos lip gloss is because it feels so light, but yet, it works SO WELL. Lip gloss, especially, will fade once you eat or drink something, but Kikos lip gloss does a really nice job of keeping its color and staying on the entire time. After eating a meal and drinking lots of water, I can still feel the gloss the way it felt when I first put it on.


4. Jersey Shore: Every year, I get to go to the Jersey Shore for a week and all I do is just relax and tan. Jersey Shore tans are definitely like no other. I tan like normal people would play sports, so I take it seriously. Within one day, I get noticeable results. Within a week, I'm so tan that people don't recognize me.  People may think that tanning is just laying there in the sun on a towel, but they are wrong. I have a process to my tanning routine. I'm not going to share it because I'm planning on doing a whole blog post on it, so be ready!

Bathing suit( similar )

Bathing suit(similar)


5. Pictures: Taking pictures has been a hobby of mine for a while, but I've always loved being in pictures. Since I am the older sibling, my parents took a lot of pictures of me when I was little. Whether it's a selfie with my friends, a silly pose with my family or trying to get my boyfriend to take a cute picture so I can post it on Instagram, I've always had a love for capturing a moment. I value a picture like a memory. I like to take pictures with whoever I'm with, wherever I am to have a reminder of that memory. Now, my friends and family are used to the amount of pictures I take, with the occasional, "do we really have to take ANOTHER picture?!" But really they are going to thank me when they look at it, maybe 5 or 10 years later, and remember EXACTLY what had happened that day we took that picture at the beach or in Central Park. That's what I love about pictures is that in the millions of pictures that I've taken, all of them are of me smiling and being happy. 

Shirt( similar )/skirt(not available)

Shirt(similar)/skirt(not available)

Shirt( similar )/ skirt (similar)


Sunglasses( similar )