Five Friday Favorites- Italy themed


1. Gondola rides in the canals: Riding the gondolas through the canals of Venice was like going on your own private mini cruise around the city of water. It's as much fun as it looks in the pictures, and I personally think that it would be so fun no matter what time of day you go!  If you have not read my previous post (My first day in Venice Italy), I would have to say it was one of my absolute favorite activity I did. 


2. Iskool denim fashion show: The Iskool denim fashion show was so cool to watch! The whole point of this fashion show was to give young designers a chance to put what they learn to the test to make the most ecofriendly, gender neutral design they could. The designers came up with some pretty unique ideas on how to dress gender neutral, and, plus, it was a fashion show... in Milan Italy, which by itself sounds cool enough.


3. Kikos cosmetics: Kikos cosmetics is my new favorite place to shop for all my make up needs. I got to get a couple of stuff from them, and I have great things to say about all of it. I got the Kikos Skin Trainer CC Blur as a primer, the Kikos Skin Tone foundation, Kikos Curling Top Coat mascara, a matte pink lip stick and two lip glosses, one is red and the other is pink. These products are really great for anyone because they are so basic, yet they help to make your face look as natural as possible.


4. Shopping selection in Milan:  Shopping in Milan reminded me of shopping in Soho, which is always my go to for shopping in NYC. The one difference I saw with the stores in Soho and Milan is that Milan had more of a variety. They had a Zara on one side, then across the street they had an Intimissi and Oysho (which are all owned by the same company). They also had a lot of European brands that we don't have in NYC.


5. Gelato:  Of course, you can't go to Italy without getting some gelato. The ice cream there is soooo good. Every place that I went to had such good flavors, my favorite was one scoop of strawberry (or fragola) and one scoop of banana. They are also so pretty just to look at too, until it starts to melt. Going back to NYC ice cream will definitely be harder than I thought after having such good gelato.