My day in Milan Italy


Today, I went from Venice to Milan, which has a huge difference in atmosphere and set up. The set up and atmosphere of Milan reminds me a lot of Soho in New York City. It was pretty hard to find out where everything was, even with a map. My tourist game was pretty strong because I had a map in front of my face every second (now I know how tourists in NYC feel). There were also so many taxis, trains and mopeds that went down each street, which you would definitely not see in Venice. I noticed that Milan is separated into different sections. There's a restaurant section and shopping section (there's definitely a lot more, but food and shopping are the most important to me). 

All of the restaurants are alon Ripa Di Porta Ticinese, which was right near my hotel. There had to be around 7 or 8 blocks worth of restaurants, so there's plenty of options! This section was the most similar to Venice in that it had the bridges (with little locks on them) and the same details of the buildings. 


When I got into the shopping neighborhood, it really reminded me of Soho. I went to two streets for shopping from another blog that I looked up. The first street was called Corso Di Porta Ticinese, which had stores like Levi's and Vans. They also had a store called Everyday Milano, where they sold multiple clothing brands within that one store. I found a lot of cute things there. I would definitely compare Everything Milano to an Aritzia for pricing and the quality of the clothes. 


The second street, called Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, was about a 20 minute walk ahead of Corso Di Porta Ticinese. They sold the more affordable brands like Zara, Mango, Pimkie, H&M and Kikos. I saw lots of Orange in Zara and H&M, which I thought was interesting. I went into these stores, plus ones that I didn't know like Dani and Floreiza. Dani was equal to an H&M, and Floreiza was very bohemian.  I saw a big trend in browns, blues, greens and pinks in all of these stores. 

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