Five Friday Favorites week 8: five things for a week in NYC

1. Sunglasses: I know I already wrote about sunglasses, but I think they are an essential part of the New York City look. Sunglasses are an easy accessory to put an entire outfit together. My favorite pair of sunglasses are still my Ilymix ones that I bought because they look amazing and they are reasonably priced. I also have a pair from Urban Outfitters (the link is to a similar pair because they no longer have the pair I own) that are similar to the ilymix ones. For NYC, I go for more of the Oxford look instead of the Aviators. I'm currently looking to get another pair from Ilymix that follow the same trend. 


2. Make up: Make up is important for any trip because you can make different looks with the amount or shade that you put on your face. I like using more natural colors for my everyday look, but I may jazz it up a little bit for a day in the city. I mainly use Bare Minerals for my eye shadow, mascara, and powder. They have a really good variety of natural make up that I wear everyday. For foundation, I go to Sephora because their liquid foundation is weightless and makes my skin stay oil free. I have some blush from Tarte, which I think is really adds to the natural look because the way the blush settles on my face, it's not too pink but its not too light either. I have some contouring powder set from Covergirl, which includes Highlight, Contour and Bronze. It's a good three in one deal! Last, but not least, I have a highlighter and lip stick from MAC. The highlighter is really strong, which is good because you don't have to apply a lot. I have a natural looking pink lip stick, which goes with my look.


3. Kimonos: It's important to have a jacket in case it gets a little chilly. I know you're probably thinking, it's summer, why would I bring a jacket when it's 85 degrees? Well, if you are staying for the night, it does get cold, sometimes, believe it or not. It doesn't have to be a heavy jacket, but maybe a sweater wouldn't hurt. A kimono would be the perfect thing to keep you warm! My favorite kimonos are from Aritzia (similar one) and Zero (similar one). They go along with pretty much any outfit I wear and it does it's job of keeping the goose bumps away!


4. Assorted looks: There's a lot of thought that goes into my outfits for New York City trips, I am not one to just put on some jean shorts and a top. I really try to mix up my looks because it's important to me that I wear an outfit that I maybe wouldn't wear on a regular basis. I also try to find different looks to match my style (you can have a variety of different looks to complete your style; you don't need to be tied down to just one!) One day I'll wear my denim dress for a more casual look. Then the next day I could wear my fancier dress (similar one) to have a more professional and sophisticated look. I could wear my denim shirt with some black jeans to get a more trendy look and I could wear my Free People sundress to get a more boho look. I always surprise myself with how many outfits I can come up with to fit my city look.


5. Purse: I tend to always need to carry around something to put my stuff in, whether it's a backpack, tote bag or purse. I think purses are an easy way to carry your stuff in because you can either go light or go big. Depending on what I really need for my day, I'll either carry a big purse with my computer, some pens, lip gloss, wallet, lotion and charger. If I don't need much, then I can bring a smaller one that will weigh less when I'm carrying it around with me all day. My go to tote bags are my Poverty Flats and Longchamp. They are very functional and fashionable. My favorite wristlet purses are my Cole Haan (similar) and Coach (similar) because they are just large enough to get me through my day.