Five Friday Favorites week 7: summer themed

1. Rockin Summer Playlist: Your song selection is essential for any event, but it's especially important for summer. If your making a playlist for a day at the beach or a car ride with friends, you choose different music than you would for a night out or a picnic at the park. I think the secret to having a good playlist is to mix old songs with new ones. People want to be able to sing along to some songs, so put some throwbacks in there! I'm also more open to hearing new songs if there are some popular ones in the playlist already. You also want to set the tone, so for a beach trip, you would put maybe more Reggae and pop music, while a road trip, you could do more hip hop and Indie. 

2. Sunglasses: Sunglasses are, of course, very important in summer because you need a way to keep the sun out of your eyes. But where can you find a cute pair? I just recently ordered two pairs of sunglasses from ILYMIX and I love them! All of them are super trendy and different, which could be the one thing you need to complete your outfit. They fit perfectly and they are also super cheap too. I was online and I found one pair of the ones I got almost double the price from Sunglass Hut. One pair was $32 and the other one was $35, which is awesome because it is very easy to get carried away with buying expensive sunglasses, but why spend so much when you could save that money or buy something else with it? The smaller companies, like ILYMIX, have basically the same designs as the larger companies, but for way less! On top of the amazing prices, you can also save 10% off when using the code "Nycfashionfitnessfun10". 


3. Shorts: High waisted shorts are a must have for summer. You can wear so many cute outfits with high waisted shorts without worrying if your shirt will cover your back (or if you have parents who will make you change if they see your belly button.) My favorite kind of high waisted shorts is denim because there are a variety of looks you can achieve. Some people like to wear ones with funky designs or colors, which are cool, but I would prefer to have denim and do something cool with the top. I'm also a big fan of distressed shorts. I usually get my high waisted shorts from Abercrombie, Urban Outfitters, Hollister, Express and sometimes Forever 21


4. Perfumes: Everyone loves a good smelling perfume, especially when it smells like summer (Cause, yes, summer does have a scent.) I have gotten a majority of my perfumes at Bath and Body Works and they smell amazing. They have their original scents, like Sweet Pea, Midnight Pomegranate (one of my favs), Country Chic, Beautiful Day, Twilight Woods, and a lot more. Some of my other favorites are Mad about You, Pink Chiffon and Paris Amour. All of them remind me of summer and that's a good feeling to have. If you are going out at night, the best perfume to wear would be from Victoria's Secret. The "Love Spell" and "Pure Seduction" are two of my favorite perfumes to buy. 

5. Bathing Suit: My number one go to place for bikini's is Target. They have such cute suits for amazing prices.  I also like their choices between mix and match and solid suits. They have their selection set up where you could get the matching set, but if you want you could also wear it with just a basic black or white bottom. I always check at Target before looking anywhere else for swimsuits. Another place I go to get my bikini's is H&M for the basic styles. I have a cute black suit from there that I always wear. I will also go to Abercrombie for bikinis because I really like the styles that they have.