Five Friday Favorites week two

Back with week two of Five Friday Favorites...

1. Alexis Ren: If you guys don't know who Alexis Ren is by now, I'll tell you. She has modeled for multiple major companies such as Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Forever 21 and Planet Blue. She was known for a long time, but her big break was when her and her current ex boyfriend-Jay Alvarrez were dating. That's when I, along with millions of other people, started following their relationship through their Instagram pictures and videos. The couple would travel all around the world, vacationing and modeling together; they were known as relationship goals. I can currently say that she has been one of my role models for what I wear ever since I started following her. She definitely has an amazing taste and I would recommend following her to see for yourself!


2. Face masks: Girls use face masks for a bunch of different purposes; before a big event, to start of the weekend, or maybe just because her face is feeling gross. I prefer to use the face mask sheets over the ones that you rub on your face. All facial mask sheets feel the same to me, but I usually get mine from Sephora. I really like how they have a wide variety to chose from because then I can chose one for each day or the ones that I think will work the best. They are an okay price, a little on the pricier side, but there is usually a sale like "get 6 for 40" or something like that. H&M has really good face masks that come in the small cups and you rub on your face. I was worried that it would make my face worse, but it actually did the opposite, which I was super impressed about. Of course there are better places that specialize in face masks, but these places are good to get a cheap mask that you can use to make your face have that clear shine. Any face mask you put on will make you look scary, but they are super effective.


3. Rihanna concert: I usually go to one or two concerts a year, some have been better than others. One of my favorite concerts I've been to so far is the Rihanna ANTI tour concert. She has always been one of my favorite artists, so for an end of the summer activity, my friends and I all went to go see her at Prudential Center in Newark. She was amazing. Just the way she performed was so good. There was a super good setlist too. She incorporated some of her old songs from her previous albums into her tour too. She also had Travis Scott open for her too so I was happy I knew some of those songs too. We also didn't have the best seats, but it was still a 10/10 concert. You also know it's a good concert when you end up listening to the persons albums on repeat for 3 weeks and rewatching all the videos you took at the concert, and that all happened to me, so Rihanna was effective!


4. Fishtail Braids: The fishtail braid is a very complicated braid to make. The thing that makes Fishtails different from any other braid is that the strands of hair aren't continually used. You start off like you would be doing two french braids; starting on the left or right side. You'll take one strand of hair as your guide through the waterfall, while the other one is what will make the "water". After you finish doing your braid, you bobbie pin the rest to a spot. It's even complicated to explain how to do it, but one things for sure is it takes a lot of patience to be able to make one.


5. Bai juice: My friend recently introduced me to Bai juice and it is currently my favorite type of drink. It is an antioxidant infused drink that comes in all different flavors of fruits, such as blueberry, peach, pineapple, coconut, mango, clementine, and many other flavors. In the mornings when I have to wake up at 6:30 for school, Bai jumpstarts my day. My favorite flavors are the mango or the coconut because I have a huge sweet tooth. Another reason to drink Bai is because they list all their ingredients on the bottle. They also have cute little phrases for each drink, which are pretty entertaining to read when I get bored in history.