Five Friday Favorites

I'm going to start posting every Friday some of my favorite things. These things are super random, some of them may go under Fashion, Fitness or NYC, and others may just be super random. These posts are going to be short and sweet, but also fun to read! Comment if you agree, disagree or have something better.

1. Hoop earrings: I only own one pair of dangly hoop earrings and they are my copper ones from Free People. I am obsessed with them as you have probably seen from my other blog because I will always have them on. I'm kinda digging a similar pair from Free People, but I'm on the search for another pair of hoops that are just right; hopefully I'll find some soon. If anyone has an recommendations please comment and let me know!


2. Eye Shadow: I'm not super into make up or anything, but my favorite part of the morning is probably putting my eye shadow on. I love all the colors and everything and I just recently figured out that you could blend them together. Imagine that! I only have one set of eye shadows from Bare Minerals, but I would love to get more from different companies and try them out too. I would like to try some from Sephora


3. Iced Chai Tea Latte: My all time favorite drink from Starbucks is the Grande Iced Chai Tea Latte. It's a pretty simple drink, but it's my favorite. The Chai tea Latte is definitely a drink that you either like or you don't, but I order it every time I go. It's a great all year round drink, whether you want it iced or hot (I'm personally not a fan of hot drinks even when it's 9 degrees outside and snowing). I would 100% recommend getting it, if you haven't already, and you're able to get free refills since it counts as a tea or coffee.


4. Chili Popcorners: A couple years ago, the whole popcorn chip phenomenon happened and everyone loved it. They are chips that taste like popcorn, but they are healthier than regular popcorn. A couple months later, when the original Popchip started getting old, they came out with flavors. They came up with Butter, Cheesy Jalapeno, White Cheddar, Kettle, Sea Salt and Sweet Chili. I've tasted all them then and Sweet Chili is my favorite, I could eat a whole bag in like 5 minutes! Once you have one bite, you wont be able to put them away. 


5. Bruno Mars: That's what I like.... Bruno Mars is one of my favorite music artists. All of his songs, fast or slow, are nice to listen too. The lyrics in his music are definitely what every girl wants to hear. His performances at music award shows are definitely a can't miss. He is such a good performer and you can count on him to makes his dance moves look so easy!