Five Friday Favorites Week 4

1. The Perfect Ponytail: What makes the perfect ponytail? I'm glad you asked. There are many styles of ponytails you can have-there's the low, mid and high ponytail. But I think the trick to a perfect one is to add some volume to it and leave hair out. I always leave out my face framing hair to help shape my face, which really makes a difference too! For my hair specifically, if hair is out of my ponytail, it looks natural and effortless. 


2. Hats: Within the past year or two, I've really seen people trying to embrace hats, which I think is awesome! I love wearing hats because I think it's something to complete an outfit, whether it's winter, spring, summer, or fall. A hat is another way you can separate your outfit from the person next to you, and fashion is all about having that different look. I personally like the big hats rather than the baseball caps, but they are both super cool. You can also do some cute hairstyles while wearing a hat, such as a low bun or braids. 


3. Snapchat filters: Snapchat filters are definitely a way to be entertained. There are some goofy ones, but there are also some cute ones that you can save for the gram. It may be hard for me to explain them since they don't have names, but my favorites are the ones with the flower or pink crown. There's also some cool ones that are temporary like the black and white with the colored glasses or the glasses with the shapes. But you can never go wrong with taking the dog selfie. 


4. Sincerely Jules: Julie Sariñana is a famous blogger who lives in California. She travels around the world and blogs about her adventures and clothes. She also has her own clothing line called Sincerely Jules, which is a boho chic look. If you don't already, I would follow her on Instagram because you'll fall in love with her. 

5. The open back look: what do u guys think of the open back look?  I think it is super cool and definitely appropriate for summer and vacationing, but it may be hard for some people to pull off. The only clothing I consider to be "open back" is my prom dress that I wore.  For some, you can definitely pull off wearing something underneath, but others you really can't. 

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