Rainy days in Germany


Over the summer, I got to take a trip to fabulous Munich. One day it started to rain, so I decided to do some shopping in Karlsplatz. There were some great shopping places to get some back to school outfits! Some of them were stores we also have in America, like Zara and H&M. Others were German brands, like Zero and Pimkie. I got a bomber jacket, winter jacket, suede jacket, a romper, some shirts and jeans. It was definitely cool to say I went back to school shopping in Germany. One thing I noticed was they had a Zara at every corner along Marienplatz. I went into each of them to see what different clothes and set up they had. Shopping is a super fun thing to do on a rainy day, but of course I had to take some pictures of myself with my bags or else it didn't happen!

Alexis CareyComment