Five Friday Favorites week 3

1. Color vs black & white tops: What one do you guys wear more?  I definitely incorporate more black & white tops into my everyday style than colored. Black & white goes with everything and you can wear year round. I try to wear color in the Spring and Summer because I'm wearing less layers, so it is easier to see the color contrast in the outfit. 

turtleneck ( similar )

turtleneck (similar)

crop top ( similar )/ skirt

crop top (similar)/skirt

coat( similar )/dress ( similar )/ purse

coat(similar)/dress (similar)/purse


2. Tai Ice Cream: The new trending frozen treat is Tai ice cream. The special thing about Tai ice cream is that they make it right in front of you and they make it completely different than a regular ice cream cone! They freeze the ingredients and spin them into a roll and put flavors on top. The only issue is there aren't that many places that do this in NYC. Most of them are in Soho, which is where I went. I wish there were more places to find Tai ice cream in Manhattan. I would definitely recommend going one time because it's worth it!


3. Impractical Jokers: If you guys don't know the four guys of Impractical Jokers, you're definitely missing a good laugh. They have a TV show on TruTV where they prank other people in the Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey area. They've been doing this show now for 6 seasons along with have live comedian shows and touring on cruise ships. They interact with people and are told what to do by each other through an ear piece, mainly to get the guy to laugh or embarrass themselves. In each episode I watch, the four guys- Sal, Joe, Murr and Q- have never failed to make me laugh out loud.  LOL. 


4. Music in stores: When I walk into a store, I always love being able to jam out to whatever song is playing. I think that the type of music selected for that store is an important factor to consumers. I remember one time I was in NYC at the Victorias Secret and every song they played, I was like "Oh my gosh I love that song!!" I think that really has a big influence on my decision to come back. Urban Outfitters and Aritzia also always have good songs to try clothes onto. Urban plays more rap and R&B music, which is definitely fun to listen to while posing in the mirror of the dressing room (yes I do that). I also like Aritzia's music because they have a mix of different genres. I'll never know what I'm going to hear while shopping. Some other stores just play the top hits as their music, which is good, but sometimes I want to hear something different than the repeated songs that play everyday. 


5. Pinterest: Pinterest is a super good way to find anything you're looking for. The cool thing about Pinterest is that once you've pinned a number of things, it will arrange your feed to only that category. I use Pinterest to find new outfits and trends, do work outs, hair styles, jewelry, shoes, cute instagram poses/ideas and tips or places to go when traveling. My Pinterest feed is full of Spring/Summer outfits, Hairstyles and occasionally workouts. I have never actually bought anything through Pinterest, but I've used it to find similar pieces when I'm shopping. If you are interested in any of the categories that I mentioned above, I have an account you can follow to see what I've been pinning @amcarey8. The link to it is on my blog website, so you can also just click on that and be directly brought to it. Enjoy pinning everything you see!