The coolest backyard you'll ever see

Have you ever decided it would be a fun idea to go to an art museum? I have many times and many times I end up paying 20 bucks to see a canvas painted red with a couple of lines that go through it or a painting that has some complex story behind it only artists can understand. Well, this place is completely different than any other art museum I've been too, plus it's free!

This Easter, I went up to Pittsburgh PA to visit my family. It was such a nice weekend, all in the high 70's, and we wanted something to do, so we decided to check out a place called Randyland on Arch Avenue on the Northside. Randy, the creator of Randyland, grew up poor in downtown Pittsburgh. He would collect trash that he found on the side of the road, because he believes that anything can be turned into art. He turned his whole house and backyard into amazing art that is now visited by many. He has made art from old doors, mirrors, animal sculptures, benches, along with murals, he painted wherever he could. There wasn't a spot in the entire place that wasn't painted! During the adventure at Randyland, Randy himself will greet you at the door and start a genuine conversation with you, followed by some picture taking. He also takes a picture with him photobombing it. For someone, like me, that likes to take pictures, it was full of photogenic places to snap that perfect instagram pic. If you're ever passing through Pittsburgh or taking a stroll through "dahntahn (downtown)", you should for sure take a peek at the amazing art Randy has created.  

Outfit: off the shoulder top (similar), skirt