The Beach at El Conquistador, Puerto Rico

This year for spring break, I got to sit back and relax at the fabulous beach at El Conquistador, resort in Puerto Rico. I've been to several tropical islands throughout the years, but there was something completely different about this beach. It has its own private island! Since the El Conquistador resort is on a cliff, we had to take a tram down to sea level and then a boat would transport us every half hour to and from the beach. Although it took a half hour to get there, it was totally worth it, the beach was amazing!

Once you get off the boat on the island, there are many lounge chairs laid out in a small amount of space that can make you feel squished. On the first day, we decided to lounge where everyone else was and didn't have a very good experience. But when I started to walk around the island, I found the perfect spot . There are not many shells that wash up on the beach from the ocean. Most of it was rock and coral in the ocean which really hurt my feet.

They also offer water activities such as snorkeling and paddle boarding in the crystal clear water. I knew I had to find a good place that was perfect for tanning and photos. This is a beautiful place to go where you won't get too much sun, but just enough sun to get some good color.  Picture taking is an important factor in all my vacations and this place specifically was the best place to take that "I'm on a beach, relaxing and loving my life" picture. 

Alexis CareyComment