Five Friday Favorites- Five favorite fall outfits

While fall is usually about the leaves falling from the trees and sweater weather season, this fall has definitely been the opposite of that. It's been mid 80's and sunny ever since the beginning of the school year. So my question is, Fall where are you?

This week has definitely felt like the first real week of fall, so I decided to write my post on my five favorite fall outfits.

1. My Abercrombie Jumpsuit: I bought this jumpsuit as apart of my wardrobe capsule and I think it goes absolutely perfect with this crop top. I actually did not originally plan on wearing it with the top underneath it. I was taking pictures as an ambassador for the company GussyUp, and I didn't feel like changing out of my other outfit. My other outfit was high waisted pants with the black crop top. As I was changing I thought it would be cute if I left it on underneath, and it definitely was! It really goes along with that whole "layering" style that has been popular.

2. Basic white shirt: Everyone needs a basic white shirt in their wardrobe, I happen to have a lot. I like this one a lot because it's the really "chill" look and I love the one sleeve off the shoulder look. The shirt runs really big, so  I can also wear it as a dress around the house. There are many looks that go along with this single shirt! 

3. Sweater: First of all, this sweater is the perfect color for fall. Burgandy red is something that is really hot in the fall, along with brown and army green. I like to think of those colors as the "holy trinity" of fall fashion because they will always be the best. I also love the flow and length of the sweater because it's not too tight, so you feel comfortable, but it's not too loose, so it still looks put together. The length of this sweater goes down to the lower thigh, so I could wear it as a sweater dress if I really wanted too. 

4. Jumper dress: This has got to be my favorite fall dress because of the neckline and fit. I love the halter neckline on this dress because there has been many times where the halter neck fits weird, but this one is perfect. I also love the little tie up, adjustable straps because it adds some detail to the dress. The fit is also perfect. It's neither too lose or too tight. It goes to about mid thigh, which allows you too be flexible with the shoes you pair with it. If your interested in getting this jumper dress, use the code "alexis35" to get 35% off!

5.  The Unfitted Dress: I'm usually a fan of the more fitted outfits, but this has been another long time favorite of mine. I got this dress from Forever 21 and I've gotten a lot of good use out of it- I wear it in Spring, Summer and Fall. The reason it doesn't look "off" when I wear it during the different seasons is because I will accessorize it with the right things to fit the season. For spring, I'll wear it with some cute platform shoes. In the summer, I wear wrap up sandals, and during the winter, I wear it with boots or booties. 

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