Five Friday favorites-patone colors of the season

As you may have seen in stores, there are a lot of trending colors for this season. When I shop, I tend to get similar colors that I know would go well with the way I dress and the vibe I want to give off. What I mean by that is when I wear a vibrant red or white, it's a sign that it's warm out and so my initial reaction is to dress in a lighter color. On the cloudy and rainy days, I'll settle with more darker colors like army green and Burgundy, which are two of my favorite fall colors. According to Pantone, they predicted these trending colors for this season. Lets take a look and see if they are right!

1. Tawny Port Red: This is one of my favorite colors because it is more of a darker reddish purple that is similar to the kind of red that I wear. This color has definitely been prevalent in several stores for a variety of looks. They definitely have a huge range of this color in a more trendy-urban store like Urban Outfitters or even Abercrombie. I feel that Abercrombie has always had this color mixed into their collections. There's also stores like Necessary Clothing that also includes it. There's also stores like Madewell, which is more modern trendy that also includes this shade of red. I got my red sweater from Showpo, which is based in Australia. This goes to show that the trending colors in New York are also in other countries too!


2. Ballet Slipper Pink: This is a lighter color for fall, but I can easily see it being a favorite. It's easy to pair with any bottom like denim, brown, black and even white. It's a very soothing color, which can be used in lounge wear. This color is easily found in stores like Forever 21, ASOSNordstrom and Free People


3. Autumn Maple Orange: The Autumn Maple color has not been very prevalent in stores. I think Orange in an interesting approach to fall because we are so used to reds and greens. I, personally, don't own any of this color, but I would love to get some! I think it could go so cute with some jeans and light colored pants. You can find this color at Lulus, Forever 21, and Tobi.  While finding stores that have Autumn Maple, I noticed that when you categorized the clothes by orange, there's only a limited amount of the specific color. There's a lot of related colors, but they are much more brighter then this specific color. 

4. Grenadeline Red:  This red is the opposite of the Tawny Port red, it's super bright. This color gives off the energetic and fun fall vibe, but it's very difficult to make an outfit with it. Since it's a specific shade of red, you can only pair it with darker colors like black or indigo. I usually associate it with more of a festival look, which happens in the spring, so I think it's interesting that I've seen so much of it this fall. There are many more colors that are more popular, but this color definitely comes into play because of the people who choose to follow that trendsetter look. I've managed to find a lot of the Grenadeline Red at stores like Showpo, H&M and Aritzia.


5. Navy Peony Blue: Blue is seen all over the place, making it an obvious contender for the top 15 colors of Pantone. The Navy Peony color is within the indigo category of blue, making it popular in mostly anything. It can easily be incorporated into denim, which is one of the most popular category of clothing out their.  I've seen this color in stores like Zara, Gap, Gapfit, and Lululemon.

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