Kikos Milano Cosmetics

I first bought Kikos products over the summer when I traveled to Milan, Italy. From there, Kikos became one of my favorite make up brands and I seem to get a lot of compliments about the lip gloss specifically. This lip gloss is the only one that I can put on at 7 a.m. and it will last until the minute that I take it off. I've tried to find other product's that will do this, but Kikos is the only one that actually works! I had also bought some new mascara, and it works so well! It really makes my eyelashes look twice as long and volumized as they are. I thought that I could only get their cosmetic products online or in Italy, but I was wrong, they have locations in New York City! My mom and I discovered that they actually just opened a new location in Time Square, so we thought we would go check it out. We came out with new everything!


I will first start off with my all time favorite lip products. These products are considered lip stick, but you can either have it be lip stick or lip gloss. On the one side there's the color, which is always a matte lip color, and on the other side, there's a clear coat that you apply after putting the colored one on. My first color I bought is the Satin Rosy Beige, which is basically the color of my lips. I really like this one specifically because it doesn't look like I have anything on, but I do. I also bought one in a shade darker, called Natural Rose. These two colors are awesome for days that you want a very neutral looking lip color. These will forever and always be my go to lip products!


Another struggle that I know a lot of people face, including me, is having dry lips. I needed a lip product that would moisturizer my lips and not dry them out. The Kikos lip balms are really helpful in keeping your lips hydrated. When I was introduced to the colored lip balm at Kikos, I fell in love with it. They have clear lip balm, but of course, I wanted a lip balm with a color that would keep my lips from getting dried out. I got the very hydrating Blackberry Lip balm. The color of it looks a little darker online, but it comes out very light and glossy when putting it on your lips. You are basically getting a chap stick and lip gloss in one, which is awesome!


Moving on to the eyes, I got my first colored liquid liner, and I'm very impressed with how easy it is to put on my eyes. As someone who is not a make up expert, I don't have time to carefully apply regular eye liner in the morning. I also always blink or something right as I'm trying to put my eye liner on, so it's basically a huge waste of time for me in the morning to even try to put it on. With my colored bronze liquid liner, I'm able to easily put it on within two minutes and it makes my eyes pop so much more than they would without the eye liner. 


I also bought some new concealer for my face because I was running low on it. The only size it came in was a small, but I was happy about that because I was not too impressed with the quality of the concealer. It didn't really cover anything and the concealer felt very liquidy on my face. I will use it around my cheek bone area right before I put on highlighter, and it does a good job at blending in with the highlighter. 


I bought some new bronzer, which works so well and blends perfectly. I used to use a cream bronzer from Sephora, but this powder bronzer does the job just as well as the cream does. It doesn't feel like I'm wearing any bronzer at all and it blends super easily into my skin!


The last thing I bought at Kikos was the Hydra pro mask which helps moisturizer my face. I wanted to try it out because my face was starting to break out since it was so dry and cold outside. The trick with this moisturizer is that it has to be rubbed in really well or else it will show on your face. Its good because you can tell which parts have been rubbed in and which parts have not, but it does not really rub in easily, nor does it blend in with my skin.  

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