The Instagram Office

I got the privilege to be invited to the NYC Instagram Office and it was such an amazing experience. We got to learn all the ins and outs of Instagram and helpful tips that I can use in the future to make my page better! 

I got to meet the other bloggers that were there too! We started off our time with a tour of the office and, of course, there was food there too. They had so many drinks and healthy foods. The office was soo cool, unlike anything I've seen before. They had a lot of lounge areas, along with cubicles to work at.


While our tour was going on, we got the opportunity to take pictures where ever we could. They had little stations set up with cool back drops that we could easily take good photos in front of. The most popular place to take pictures is the station with all the streamers and shapes hanging from the ceiling. The coolest place had to be the room of mirrors, where there were mirrors literally everywhere you went to get the perfect mirror selfie. There was also the mini office which was actually in a box and had a mini table and couch. The heart made of flowers was also a favorite of mine, and we spent a lot of time taking pictures and boomerangs there! 


After we took the tour, we asked some questions about Instagram. We were asked how we use it, who we follow, who our favorite accounts are and what features we like to use on Instagram. After we talked a little bit about Instagram and some of our favorite things about it, we got little goodie bags! Inside my goodie bag was an Instagram shirt (that I'm going to where literally everyday), a pair of headphones (which I will use all the time), a rainbow fanny pack that has a built in speaker (how cool is that?!), a cute notebook (that will become my official blog idea notebook), some stickers to put on my computer and a pen. 


This was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had and I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to do this!  

Jumpsuit( similar )/  jeans /  shoes

Jumpsuit(similar)/ jeans/ shoes

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