Getting hair done in the city

I am very particular of who cuts my hair, but luckily I found someone that I trust. I've been going to Eruan Salon and Spa on 41 West 38th Street in NYC ever since I can remember. I have a favorite hairstylist there, and only HE can cut my hair... no one else! I trust him to keep my hair the way I like it and he also does new styles that I've liked. I usually get my hair trimmed whenever I go because I'm not a big fan of having my hair short. I also love after he had cuts my hair, he will blow dry it out and either straighten or curl it, sometimes even do a hair style. I always enjoy it because I know I could never do anything remotely similar by myself (trust me, I've tried). If you are interested in checking out more about Eruan Salon, check out my previous post all about it! 


Today, I'm going into the city to get my haircut. I getting my hair trimmed and flat ironed by Jose (my favorite) for my senior pictures, which is a huge deal. Of course Jose makes my hair look fabulous for these pictures. I took some pictures of my own right after he styled my hair, so here are some pictures!

This afternoon, I'm  helping my mom at work. I'm going to be sorting out jeans (some of which I will be sneaking into my bag.... shhh). Since my moms office is moving, I'm going to be sorting all the clothes and deciding which ones are still inspirational to show. 

In between I'm going to check out the shopping in Herald Square, which is one of my favorite destinations. I went to Urban Outfitters, where they have cute pants.  There was this one pair that I liked - it was blue and black with a flared leg. I also went into Zara and saw a super cute denim outfit. All the stores I went into are all getting ready for fall, which is so sad because I love summer. But back to school shopping is just around the corner, so I'm scoping out clothes and shoes to put on my closet wishlist, which is located on the bottom on my home page! 

Shirt /Skirt(from Zara, but not available anymore. Here is a  similar  one that is. the same wash and has a little bit of spunk to it.)/ Sunglasses

Shirt/Skirt(from Zara, but not available anymore. Here is a similar one that is. the same wash and has a little bit of spunk to it.)/Sunglasses