New York City up high- my 24 hours in the big apple

Today I am spending the entire day in New York City. In the morning and afternoon, I'm at a fashion forecasting class learning about the trends for next year (refer back to my post: My FIT adventures). We talked about the best fashion forecasting databases. I really liked Fashionsnoops because everything was organized so neatly and it wasn't over whelming, but still got the information across. They have predicted all the way up to fall/winter of 2018-2019. I think that it's amazing that people can predict that far ahead and usually be right!!!


For lunch I decided to go to The Juice Shop for an acai bowl, since it was such a hot day in the city.  I got the AB&C bowl, which was super good and healthy too!

In the afternoon, we went over to Barneys and Club Monaco in Midtown to look for what themes the store had. I was told to pick a theme to look for, so I decided to look for festival because that has become a popular way to express youthfulness during the spring and summer seasons. The Barneys aesthetic was so cool and really had the higher end feel right when you walked in the door. The Club Monaco had a very welcoming atmosphere because of their book store and coffee shop that they had in addition to the clothing store. It was much different than the Club Monaco that I have in my town. There was actually a surprising amount of festival themed styles in Barneys, but not so much in Club Monaco. 


Tonight I am going to be staying at the fabulous Empire Hotel!! I'm really excited to stay because of my obsession with the show Gossip Girl, so I'll get to be living the Chuck Bass life (you can refer back to my post The Empire Hotel for some more information about it.) We are going to dinner at The Smith, which has something for everyone. I got the macaroni and cheese, which is what they are known for. After the lovely dinner, me and my friend took pictures on the rooftop of the Empire Hotel and got some pretty good ones too! 

Outfits: jumpsuit (similar)/cold shoulder crop top(similar)/ shorts (similar)