Best friend city trip goals


My best friend and I decided to go into New York over Memorial Day Weekend because we wanted to go on an adventure (and my town is probably the most boring place ever). We wanted to feel a little older, so we decided to do a model day, where we get some cute pictures, do a little shopping and get our make up done. We decided to go to the lower east side and Soho for a change. We have mainly stayed in the Midtown to upper side of Manhattan, but, hey, it's Memorial day and we wanted to get a little crazy!


We came in around noon and went straight to Soho. Our uber driver offered us coupons for a uber, which was pretty nice.  Our first crazy, bucket list adventures was to get a make over together! We tried looking for a Sephora appointment because you can get a free make over if you are apart of their membership, but every single Sephoras was booked, so we decided to go to MAC. The make overs were super fun because we got to pick out exactly what we wanted and we had a professional do it flawlessly in a half hour for $30. After we got it done, we got to go in a hidden room and they took our picture to post on instagram. We came out of MAC withlooking amazing!


Our next step for our Model day was to take lots of pictures! We tried to find cool, city retro looking places to do it. We went to a bunch of different graffiti walls, steps in soho, cool looking buildings, some buildings in soho that looked city-ish and, of course, some streets with cobble stone. It was so fun taking pictures, but we ran into some hecklers so we decided not to take pictures in that area. We got the our posing ideas from Pinterest because it has really good suggestions. 


Then we went shopping because what's a city trip without shopping. For me, shopping doesn't always mean buying. You can do window shopping or you can go inside a store and try on clothes just for fun! I always get a bunch of clothes and try them on for fun to get inspiration. We did this when we went into super expensive stores because we knew we weren't going to buy anything there. 


For dinner we went to B Bar and Grill for lunch. It is definitely a great restaurant to go to because just everything about it is so cute. The atmosphere is super hip and you get your food pretty fast too. The decoration on the inside is probably the most photogenic a restaurant could get. I would recommend it in an instant. 

Today, was a super fun day and any teenager should try to get a chance to do this with their best friend!