The best hair salon EVER!

So we all have those places where the hairstylist cuts your hair either too short or not the right style...right? Well that was my issue. I always hated it when they would cut my hair too short because I've always wanted to keep it long. Yes I know that the more you cut your hair, the healthier it will be in the future, but I would just rather get little trims. In fact, whenever I am getting my hair cut, I never say "cut", I always say "trimmed" because I don't want people thinking I'm getting it short.

Anyways, I have the perfect place to get your hair "trimmed". Eruan Salon and Spa on 41 west 38th street in Manhattan is my absolute favorite place, and the only place, I get my haircut. Everyone is super nice and I am always happy with my hair after its been done. I've been getting my hair cut by Jose Manuel for 4 years now. The way he just knows how to give the perfect style and now I actually look forward to getting my hair "trimmed". I always get told how nice my hair is after Jose is finished with it. After all, I can never quite do it the same, but really who can...(Unless your a hair stylist)? I also get my eyebrows waxed too and I always get complements on how good they look afterwards. Another thing about Eruan Salon is when I get a manicure, it actually lasts for around two weeks - I'm not kidding. It's so hard to find a nail salon where they do such a good job and it lasts that long too. I promise if you go to Eruan Salon for anything, you'll come out as happy as I am.

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