Herald Square is the place to be!

New York City is known for it's amazing shopping and being the shopaholic I am, it's no surprise that this is one of my favorite places to shop at in New York. Herald Square starts at the corner of 6th Ave and 34th street and has a plethora of different stores within the area. While this area has not always had the best shopping, it does have my all time favorite store - Urban Outfitters. The atmosphere is so chill in Urban, even when there seems to be a lot of people with the cafe, hair salon, beauty bar and vintage shop. Then crossing the street, I like to switch gears and look at shoe stores. There is a Steve Madden, Aldos and Foot Locker that have all the shoes that you need to be in style this season. I usually like to go to Steve Madden to get my boots and sandals and I go to Foot Locker to get my running sneakers and my platform sneakers such as my Puma's or Adidas. The Steve Madden store itself has a very cool design with the windows being visible to the public. You can't miss it! The Foot Locker is huge! I'm sure there is a lot of people that walk into that store everyday, but for how big it is, it doesn't make a difference. Then I go to Zara and Levi's. Zara has a lot of really cool mix of urban and modern looks that are very trendy. I usually like to get tops from Zara, along with jewelry. Levi's definitely has the best denim selection. When I go into Levi's, I go straight to the jeans and jean jackets where there are always so many washes to choose from. If I have time, which by the time I get done with all of these I'm exhausted, there are still three big stores I have left. H&M has a lot of affordable clothes that also look super good. I've bought many shirts and dresses from H&M that I wear on a casual day at school, though this particular H&M is very disorganized and difficult to find exactly what you want. There are so many people in the store that it's hard to get around without someone pushing you. Victorias Secret is up next. It's no secret that VS has one of the best fashion shows, showing off the newest bras and underwear. The Victoria's Secret in Herald square has the most helpful employees, they greet you when you walk in the doors and are ready to help whenever you have a question. It also has very good music, which isn't a large factor of shopping, but as a Generation Z shopper, the type of music playing while I'm shopping will have an effect on my buying choices. Last but not least, one of the top 5 biggest stores in New York City, Macy's. The Herald Square Macy's has everything you can think of whether its clothing, beds, make up, purses, shoes and even a restaurant. I think that Macy's is very overwhelming and to add on top of that, there are not very many employees to navigate you through the maze and to guide you with a purchase. My favorite restaurant though is Stella in Macy's which gets five stars, but I'll save that story for a different time. 

Alexis CareyComment