Its Christmas time in the City

There is so much to do in the city around Christmas time. My trip included Christmas shopping, getting hair done, dinner, pictures at Bryannt Park and the radio city spectacular. It was a busy night in the city.

My first stop for shopping was Urban Outfitters, no surprise there. At Urban, I took advantage of the 50% off scarves, gloves and hats, and I got a cute set of gloves, which always seem to get lost. I also bought a set of earrings that I thought would look super cute for Christmas time. I think that Urban is one of the best places to get affordable, good quality earrings. The big earring is a hoop and has a silver jewel attached to it, while the second one, meant for a second piercing, is a little silver stud. As I was in line, I decided to pick up one of their nail polishes. I got a sparkly pink one that I could layer on top of another color, which I thought would look cool for my nails. I didn't realize, until making this blog post, that the little glittery stuff inside the nail polish was actually little hearts, which I think is adorable! Then we stopped into Macy’s and it was absolutely beautiful with all the decorations! My favorite part was the decorations on the ceiling with the disco balls and sparkles everywhere! Of course, is was beyond crowded with people to the point where we couldn’t stay in one spot for longer than a minute. 


After shopping, we went to get our hair done! I was so excited to finally get a hair cut because the ends of my hair were so bad! We went to none other than Eruan salon to get the job done. If you haven't already read my previous post, Getting hair done in the City, I basically talk about how it's my all time favorite, and only, place that I will go to get my hair cut. This time around, I got two inches off, which is a little much for me because I usually get only an inch off, but I wanted my hair to be healthy for the winter. I made the crazy decision to get my hair curled, over getting it straightened for something different. No matter what style I get, it always lasts a long time. I loved the curls for the holidays because it added some volume to my hair and looked really good with my outfit! Surprisingly, there are certain hair styles that "match" with certain outfits. 

coat /scarf ( similar )

coat/scarf (similar)


After getting our hair done, my friend and I went to Bryant Park to take pictures. We got some good ones near the fountain because I love fountain pictures. We also got some super good ones near the tree at Bryant park which was right next to the ice skating rink. A fun activity to do around Christmas time is to go ice skating in either Bryant park or Rockefeller center. Unfortunately, I am not the best at ice skating and would be too worried about falling over to be able to do it in public. Bryant Park also has their traction of having the Christmas market around Christmas time. This market has little vendor shops that display jewelry, handmade ornaments, and accessories to keep you warm. They make super good gifts for anyone in need of good gift ideas!


All that posing and shopping made us super hungry, so we went to dinner at an Italian place called Osteria Al Doge. There I got some calamari and a super good pasta dish. I can never really tell what any of the dishes actually are because they have all those fancy names, but my dish was basically pasta with Alfredo sauce, which I thought was super good. The location of the place was perfect because it was right in between Bryant Park and Radio city. 


Our final event of the night was going to see the amazing Radio City Christmas Spectacular. It's one of my favorite traditions that I have always been able to see the rockettes in their sparkly outfits every year. Before taking our seats, we took some pictures outside of Radio city with the ornament fountain and the Radio City sign. When we finally got settled, we made it just in time for the 3D adventure and the beginning of the show. Although nothing was different from the time I saw them last year, I still love watching the show because it really gets me in the Christmas Spirit. 

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