The Best photo Op place in NYC

One of the best places to take a stroll, if your ever in the neighborhood, is near pier 36. There is an amazing view of the Brooklyn bridge along the river that will keep you in awe. 


The reason I was there was for a denim trade show called Kingpins (refer to my Kingpins post). When you approach the building, you would not expect such a pretty view based on the location, but right when you turn the corner, its definitely shocking how pretty it is. 


It was surprising how nice it was that day, so of course I wanted to spend the last warm day outside. There's no better way to spend it than to take pictures! The only challenge that I faced was getting a good angle to take it to include the bridge in the background because the sun was so bright. Here are some tips that help with getting the perfect picture:


1. Make sure the camera is in the shade to avoid getting a silhouette picture.


2. As someone who has difficulty coming up with cute, in the moment poses, my go-to, candid poses always have to do with simultaneously playing with my hair and changing the angles that the camera will capture. I'm not sure why, but it looks natural.


3. Never stand still when taking pictures. When I used to do modeling a couple years ago, a photographer gave me the advice of always making subtle changes in a pose, whether it's leaning to one side, hand gestures, where your looking, etc. because it's always better to getting completely different photos than just looking the same in all of them.


4. Try to avoid squinting your eyes at ALL COSTS. It is especially hard not to squint, especially when the sun is right in your eyes, but squinty eye pictures never come out good. Instead, ask the photographer to change the angle of the shot or relocate to a different spot with the same background.


5. Side gazing pictures look amazing. I don't know what it is about them, but they always look so artsy and come out amazing. 


When you get a chance too, you should definitely go for a walk or take pictures there. If your not walking the bridge, the next best thing would be to have it in view!

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