My College workout routine

Now that I’ve gotten settled at Marist with everything, it is important that I stick with a workout routine that is right for me. As I mentioned in my other workout routine posts, I’m a huge fan of ab and core workouts and I incorporate different ones into my workouts; while I alternate between legs and arms each day. Switching gyms, especially when it’s a downgrade from the one back at home, makes it super hard to develop a set routine. Alternating between workout youtube videos, Pinterest workouts and the ones my trainer has given me, I have finally found a set routine that I will share with you today!

Since I won’t be able to fit everything I do onto one post, I am going to split this workout routine post into two parts. This first part is going to be ab and arm workouts, and next week I will post some of my favorite leg and ab workouts. This workout will take a total of an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half, but you can change the amount of reps or cut exercises that don’t work for you. Since I am limited on equipment, these workouts are very simple and don’t involve many machines. So, here we go!

Warm up abs: Cable Core Machine

Instructions: Clip one grip handle to the cable machine and set the weight for 20 to 25 (your goal is to feel this exercise more in your core, not your arms which could happen when set at a higher weight.)

  • Pull in and push out at sternum high, squeezing your abs every time you push out. Do this for 5 reps and 1-2 sets each side.

  • After, do the same thing, except keep the handle around your stomach area. Pull in and push out for 5 reps between 1-2 sets each side.

  • Last exercise, hold the grip handle out in front of you. Count 4 seconds up and 4 seconds down in a straight line. Do this 5 times each side.

    • If you do not have the Cable Core machine, you can simulate the same exercise by wrapping a resistance band around anything stable.

Warm up arms on Cable Core Machine:

Instructions: Bring the adjustable piece to the bottom. Clip one or two grip handle pieces to the machine. Adjust weight of machine to be 30-40 pounds.

  • Stand in front of the machine and grab both grip handles. Lift up slowly, making sure that you squeeze your biceps when it reaches the top. Retract and bring the handles back down at a regular speed. Do this for 10-12 reps and between 2-3 sets.

Raising the adjustable piece to about a little higher than shoulder height.

  • Standing side ways, holding the grip handle with one hand. Pull grip handle toward you slowly and retract back, working your biceps. Do this for 2 sets of 10 for both arms.

  • Another exercise: Using two grip handles, face forward and push down, working your triceps. Do this for 3 sets of 10 reps.


Arm lifting machine

  • Add 10 pounds and do 1 rep of 10, adding 5 pounds each set. Do 3 sets.

  • In between each rep, take a small ball and put in between your feet (forming a V shape with your feet). Do 10 leg lifts, while squeezing the ball as you lift your legs up.


Dumbbells: Get one pair of 12 pound weights and one pair of 10 pound.

With the 12 pound dumbbells, do 3 sets 10 reps of dumbbell curls.


After each set, switch to the 10 pound weights. With this, you will do a dumbbell curl into a shoulder press. Do this 10 times in between each set of dumbbell curls.

  • In total, you will be doing 3 sets of 10 reps of dumbbell curls and dumbbell curls into shoulder press.

    Similar to the last exercise, do 3 sets of 10 hammer curls (holding the dumbbells facing up instead of out).

    • In between each set, switch to 10 pound weights. Do a elbow squeeze press into a shoulder press.


Ab floor exercises


3 sets of 30 Russian twists with 12- 15 pound ball

  • In between the first Russian twist set, 45 seconds of bicycle with light resistance band around feet.


  • In between second Russian twist set, one minute plank. Once it goes to one minute, start hip dipping for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds hold the plank again until it reaches 2 minutes.


With workout ball, balance on it with feet on top of the ball.

  • Do 1-2 reps of 10 pike crunches (where you form an upside down “V”)

  • DO 1-2 reps of 10 decline planks (bringing legs towards your stomach)

  • 2 sets of 10 Triangle crunches each side (have one elbow over your head, and bring it in with the matching leg).


Cool down

  • Elliptical for 10 minutes at a light resistance.

Let me know what you guys think of my ab/ Arm workout. If anything is unclear, just leave a comment and I can further explain it or make a video compilation of all of these workouts!

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