Which one is better for you?

Everyone has their own workout routine, whether its focusing on entire body everyday, alternating between two focal points, or working on something different everyday. I've tried all them, some I like more than others. This year, I finally got into a good workout routine that fits with my schedule.

I really started to have an interest and motivation this year to go to the gym as a way to stay in shape. At the beginning of the year, I was trying to fit everything in on the same day, everyday which includes cardio, arms, legs and abs. I ended up spending almost two hours at the gym everyday, which started to be a lot when school work started to pile on. My logic with doing the same workouts everyday was that I thought that if I did those same routines everyday, I would see results sooner because I was doing it more frequently. I soon realized,  how much time I was spending doing the same things everyday and after a while it got sorta boring too! 

In the middle of the year, a friend told me that it may be better and less time consuming if I tried focusing on one area per day. So she helped me with a schedule for that. Mondays were legs, Tuesdays were arms, Wednesdays were cardio, Thursdays were abs, and the weekend was for anything I wanted to do or if I skipped a day because of work. I tried that routine out for a month or two, but I wasn't a big fan of it. I liked how I could focus more intensively on a certain part, which ended up showing results. I didn't like it, though, because I would have to wait longer to have everything exercised. 

I finally have my workout down pat now, taking some of the ideas from the everyday workout and some of the one focus a day and putting them together. My main focus when I go to the gym is abs. I feel like if I get a good ab workout, then I get a good overall workout (yeah I'm weird like that). So I decided to stick with doing abs and one form of cardio everyday and alternate between legs and arms every other day.

So Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays, I will work on abs and arms. This gives me a chance to do a greater number and more repetition of ab and arm workouts. For arms, I do two to three sets of 25 exercises with dumbbells, machines and weights. Then for abs, I will do some machines, but mostly floor workouts like sit up, crunches and Russian twists. I do two sets of 50 each (I prefer to do all exercises in sets of 25). I also do some workouts from Pinterest for abs. I have a "Ab Workout" board that I follow at the gym. Then I run two miles on the treadmill, which usually takes around 15-20 minutes and 5 minutes on the steps. All of this usually takes an hour and fifteen, which is perfect timing. 

On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays I work on legs and abs. There's a lot you can do with leg workouts. There's squats, lunges, machines, etc. I mainly follow Pinterest leg workouts when I'm on the floor and I make up some stretches too like one foot squats and using the stretchy rubber and step side to side. I do the same ab workout as I do the day before. For cardio, I do 30 minutes on the bike and either 2 miles on the treadmill or 20 minutes on the elliptical. 

Everyone is different and has their preference on what works best for them, but this is mine. For anyone, like me, whose had trouble getting a set routine, this is an idea for you to try out!