Movin' towards a warmer workout

Although there are a variety of workout machines that the gym has to offer, there are many alternatives you can to do stay in shape, while getting a little bit of fresh air. Going on a walk with a friend is a great way to get some exercise in without even realizing it! Today, I went to Loantaka Brook reservation with my friend and we walked 2 and a half miles without even realizing it. Walking is not an aggressive workout that will leave you out of breathe, but it does work your legs and core.  Another bonus is that it can support mental balance. Being a Junior in high school, there are so many assignments teachers will give and they all pile up at once, and on top of that, ACTs and SATs make students 10 times more stressed. Taking a couple of hours out of my Sunday, I decided to go on this walk as a way to reduce my stress and talk to my friend. You can also do non equipment exercises outside that you would originally do inside. You can do push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, and different stretches like the one below. You can also do yoga outside, which when its sunny, is super relaxing. It's also a change of atmosphere. I'm so used to being in the gym, seeing the same people, doing the same machines and doing the same routine. Walking in a park will allow you to be surrounded by new people, change up your routine and be exposed to the sunshine! 

Alexis Carey