California Fashion vs New York City Fashion

Over spring break, my mom and I took a trip to Los Angeles, California to relax, tan, and, of course, SHOP! It was really interesting to see the difference in culture, attitudes, and sights in LA compared to New York. The most interesting thing I noticed was how different the styles in California were form New York City.


I’m so used to incorporating black into my wardrobe whenever I go to New York City, especially in the winter time. In LA, hardly anyone wore black. Everyone either wore white or colors. I thought it was a nice change because everyone had their own unique pop of color as they walked down the sidewalk.


I also noticed the types of outfits people wore varied tremendously. People were either in their bathing suits heading to the beach, or they were in sporty, athleisure wear heading into the city. People heading into the city seemed to only wear sneakers with their choice of wardrobe. I thought this was interesting because in NYC, people often dress either sporty, chic, or trendy to fit that “New York City vibe”. In LA, ripped jeans, sneakers and a tank top was the main style that I saw. My mom and I came at the perfect time as many people told us that this was the first time that the weather was sunny and hot, so there was also a handful of people embracing the new styles for spring.

Alexis CareyComment