Summer Outfit Throwbacks

This summer was full of some of my favorite outfit and lots of shopping (courtesy of my job at Anthropologie). Anthropologie was a great experience because I was able to work on my communication and organization skill, and have exposure to working in retail as well. As hard as it was sometimes dealing with customers, it was fun helping people with creating summer outfits and helping them shop. One of the best parts was being able to get discounts to my favorite stores! Basically all of these outfits are either from Urban Outfitters or Free People because those are my favorite stores and I was able to get super good discounts from my job. As the season of summer has officially ended, I wanted to take you on a trip down memory lane at my favorite summer outfits.

  1. This colorful romper caught my eye in Urban Outfitters and of course I had to get it because I’m all about those vibrant colors. As I bought this romper, I could imagine wearing it with any platform shoe. In the summer, I could wear it with these platform sandals from Bershka (no longer available). If you wanted a more athletic look, you could easily sport this romper with white platform sneakers. I decided to keep this romper in my fall wardrobe, so I can wear it with either my white or black combat boots.

2. This is another all Urban Outfitters outfit (shocker). I loved the shorts especially because of the plaid and the buckle belt. Although I think the fit of the shorts are different (it has a lot more puff than I’m used too), I really like the look of them. The I.Am.Gia Label was also a very popular brand in the spring and summer, so it was cool to own something from them. I was also a huge fan of the corset style top ever since I saw someone wearing it while I was working at Anthropologie. I searched long and hard for something similar to it and I found this!

3. This romper is one of my favorites and reminds me of the beach because of all the flowers and light colors. I was a huge fan of the cutouts because of how breathable it looked. It also has a nice fit to it too. Its loose fit allows you to get creative with how you want to wear it (either with some type of belt or not).

4. Last, but not least, is a super cute outfit from Free People and Urban Outfitters. This outfit was inspired by the blogger @weworewhat because she always wore the puff sleeve over the summer. I loved the look of the puff sleeve with the denim dress because it gave the outfit an interesting twist to it with the striped top on denim. To talk about the pieces individually for a bit, the dress can be worn by itself, with a puff sleeve or a long sleeve, depending on the weather, so it’s completely versatile. The puff sleeve top is a crop top, so it can easily be worn with anything from a simple pair of jeans to layering or a fancy skirt!

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