My final outfits for Gov Ball

Gov ball is a chance to wear outfits that you wouldn’t wear on a regular basis-which is (partially) why I’m so excited for it! I have been planning out my outfits even before I actually bought my ticket! Today, I’m going to show you some of my top favorite Gov Ball. 


So, I wanted to start the first outfit with my all Shein outfit. I thought that the bandana halter top was super festival like and I can wear it for so many more occasions. I also loved these jogger pants because they are the knockoffs of the I. Am. Gia Label joggers with the chain on the side. Overall, the outfit is super bad ass and I don’t really wear that “rebel”, biker style very much!


The second outfit is also more of a rebellious type of outfit. I’ve never worn one of these bandeau tops like this type of style before, but I think it would look so cool with these pants (which are the same as the ones in the photo above). I also thought that it would look great as a festival look because of the rhinestone details.


The third one is a more laid back, but still put together type of look. I bought this graphic tee from H&M in a large and decided to just do some DIY cutting of my own to make it look more interesting! The Rolling Stones logo also make it just a classic shirt that I could honestly wear anywhere. Now, these shorts are a different story. They are the definition of “biker chick” and I’m SO HAPPY I was able to get these from Free People. (Caution: they run a size smaller. I’m usually a size 25 but I’m a 26 in these). I fell in love itch the lace up detailing on the sides as well as the fact that they are leather (because who doesn’t love a good pair of leather anything?)


Same shorts different top! This around the neck tank top was only 18 dollars from urban outfitters and it’s literally so cute. It fits perfectly and it’s super flattering. The only thing to keep in mind about it is that it’s white and it WILL get dirty super easily. I usually get make up on all my clothes, so I’d have to be especially careful with this one.


A good off the shoulder top is so practical for a music festival like Gov Ball because it gives off that summery party vibe. The only difficult thing about wearing off the shoulder is not being able to have full access to your arms for dancing, which is essential to any concert. I thought that the bright red skirt would be a different look because topstitching (aka the different colored stitching on top of the fabric) is a HUGE summer trend. Why not be a trendsetter at Gov Ball? Plus I just so happen to have a matching red denim jacket to go PERFECTLY with the skirt.


Let me know what you guys think I should wear to Gov Ball on Sunday, June 3rd! I will be doing a whole instagram survey/try on on my story to show you directly what my options are. Make sure you don’t miss it and tune in to my instagram @nycfashionfitnessfun!