Where to buy the perfect "night out" outfits for spring break

Deciding what to bring for a spring break takes a lot of effort and planning. If you are anything like me, you plan on wearing more than one outfit a day, and you are always prepared with a back up one just in case. Bathing suits and casual outfits are always fun to shop for, but shopping for evening wear is something I live for! If you are going someplace warm like me, here are 5 evening looks that would look great!

1. Going on tropical vacation without a maxi dress is like going to the beach without flip flops, it's a must. The trick with maxi dresses is that you should find one that isn't a dark color. Red is a good color because it will show off the tan and help you stand out. What ever you do, DON'T wear a black maxi dress on vacation.

2. I loved this pink dress because you can do anything with it. It's one of those dresses where you can either dress up or dress down. Clearly, if you are bringing it on vacation with you, you would dress it up. I would dress it up by wearing it with some cute lace up heels and lots of jewelry. Some pink tassel earrings would look adorable with the dress. I also think that wearing a sparkly, silver necklace would go great!

3. This dress is my absolute favorite out of all of them. I think that the ruffle detailing and the fun polka dots make this dress perfect for a spring break vacation. I would maybe wear this dress with some cute hoop earrings and one of those layering necklaces. I would also wear some neutral colored shoes, probably tan, to give more attention to the dress.

4. Two pieces have suddenly become all the rage for spring, so I decided to throw one in there. This two piece would be great to wear because white will show off the amazing tan. I think the top is very different and some thing that can only be worn on specific occasions like spring break. Although these two pieces are not supposed to be paired up together (meaning that the top and skirt weren't worn as one outfit on the model), you can still make your own two pieces with what you are given.


5. This last dress is a simple, yet classy. As you can tell from the selection of outfits that I picked out, I am more of a simple dress kind of girl because I love accessorizing. I really liked this lilac color of the dress because it reminds me of summer and its such a happy color! I also liked the tie up in the front because I've been obsessed with that lately. Since the neckline goes really far down, I would definitely wear a white bralette or something underneath. 

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