The Catwalk Strutt

This week, I was chosen to model in my schools annual Catwalk fashion show. This show displays student designs inspired by different ideas (kind of like the show Project Runway). This year, 16 designers had to make prom dresses using only scraps from thrift shops. As I talked to the other designers, they each had different inspirations for their designs. 


Each designer got to chose how they wanted their models to look in hair and make up. All of the models got complete make overs (my favorite part)! My hair was curled and put into a super high bun, something that I've never done with my hair before. She wanted to show off the back of my dress because of the open back. The dress that I modeled was originally a long skirt and parts of another dress. She decided to cut a slit into the left side of the dress. The top was the coolest part of the dress because the neckline was a V line and it connected the silver chain that made the back. She held the top together by connecting the chains around the neck and draped it down towards the bottom of the dress.


Going on stage and modeling on the catwalk was something that I have never done before, but it was definitely a great experience and such a rush. When walking down the catwalk, it was super hard to think of different poses besides putting my hand on my hip, so I had to think about what I really wanted to show off in the dress. I made sure I showed off the slit in the dress by bending my leg out. Another feature that I made sure I showed off was the pockets on the skirt. I did this by putting one hand in the pocket and another one on the hip. The last thing I showed off was the back, of course, because it was the coolest part of the dress. I showed off the back once to the judges, and another time right before I got off the stage. 


I had such a fun time walking in the catwalk, and it gave me a higher amount of confidence to be able to do it again in my following fashion show next month!

Alexis CareyComment