Free People Graffiti Jeans

Many people have asked me where I bought my jeans or if I drew the design on the jeans myself.  Well the answer is no I did not draw on my jeans (I'm not that artistically gifted). I actually bought them at Free People's Holiday sale - I've gotten a lot of use out of them! Not only do they look amazing and super artsy, but the fit is amazing. Read more about why you should shop Free People's jeans!


The style of the jean itself is something that is 100% authentic and very creative. If it's hard for you to see, the design is an outline of flowers and leaves all intertwined together. Out of all the crazy things that designers have done with their denim now a days, like the distressing, the inside out look,  raw edges, patching, etc., using art on denim is something that I think should be used more often. Many designers get their inspiration for a certain look just from off the streets and based on what people are wearing, so why not use "graffiti" or some kind of graphic design as a resource to your advantage?  


Another quality that I love about these jeans in particular are the fit of them. They have just the right amount of stretch, so I never feel like they are too tight around the waist. Most of the high waisted jeans that I own are challenging to fit in the hip area and sometimes feel like they are glued to my legs.  But these jeans do a really good job at making you feel comfortable and look amazing!


I know that Free People jeans are not the most affordable ones out their (ranging from $58 to $500), but I would highly recommend getting a pair of the more simple styles or look for a sale. They are my favorite pair of jeans at the moment, and I always seem to get compliments on how cool they are with just drawings! Even if you are artistic and creative enough to create your own authentic design on your jeans or shoes (something that has been a huge trend), you will be one step ahead of most people and saving a lot of money.   After all, denim is a blank canvas.

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