My February online picks

Some of my favorite online picks are the ones that I bought online from the direct to consumer retailers. The best thing about shopping at a direct to consumer brands is that you know you won't be getting the same clothes as someone else. Saying that, I was looking for tops that would not be found in the more well known brands.

Sheln: I bought A LOT from the brand Sheln, so let me get right into it!

Black body suit: This black bodysuit is a super fun top for a night out. It would definitely look good with some dark blue skinny jeans and some booties. My favorite thing about this body suit is definitely the detailing at the top. I love how it's mesh at the neck line and then there are ruffles, so it looks like its an off the shoulder top, but it's not! The ruffles make the bodysuit look really flattering in the upper chest area. I ordered this bodysuit in a size small, and it fits perfectly in the waist area, but it was a little on the tighter side on the neck area, so I would just be a little careful about that. 


red top: This red halter top was something that I bought for the spring, and I was surprised at how perfect the fit was. When it came in the packaging, it definitely looked too big and the hem line looked like it came down too far, but when I put it in, it fit a lot better than I thought it would. I really liked how casual it looked, and I need more casual looking tops to wear for school or the weekends. 


green top: I really liked how this top looked on in the picture, and I could imagine myself wearing it, so I jumped at the chance to get it. I really liked the tassels on the sleeve because it made the top different from any ordinary green top. I ordered it a size bigger (a medium) just so I didn't have to worry about it being to tight in the sleeve area, but the sleeve had an elastic to it, so I could easily slip my hand through the sleeve. It has a little longer hemline to the top, but I can easily fix that by tucking it into some jeans and covering it up with a belt. 


belt: Belts are a necessity in fashion, whether its for function, fashion or both! I always have trouble finding cute belts that will actually fit me. I really liked this belt because I thought that the metal thing was cool with the snake on it. I got this belt in a size small because I knew it would fit me. 


Plaid Top: I really liked this top for something to wear in the inter season of winter and spring. It definitely reminds me of something that would be sold in Madewell because of the bell sleeve and the bell hemline. I have never really worn that sort of plaid, modern kind of look, so I wanted to try it out and it fit perfectly!


Off the shoulder Apricot top: This top was worn by one of my favorite bloggers (@alexandrachloe) and when I found it on the website, I had to buy it. It looked so comfortable to wear and the way that it fit on her was so flattering. I also liked the criss cross off the shoulder details on the top, that's something that I haven't seen before!


River Island:

Sweater: Again, I saw this in @Alexandrachloes latest blog post, and I thought it was a really cute look. Although winter is supposedly ending soon, I thought I could get a lot of use out of this off the shoulder sweater since sweaters are primarily what I wear to school. I really liked the pattern of the sweater. Usually, I get very plain, no patterned sweaters, so I can dress it up using accessories, but I really liked the pattern on this one. I'm also a huge fan of white, even though it can get dirty easily. This sweater is on the darker white side, so it won't get dirty as long as I'm careful. 


Combat hat: The combat hat was probably one of the coolest purchases that I made. The combat hat has become a very popular hat to wear for fall and winter. I really liked this one specifically because of the gold chain going across it. I think I will get a lot of use out of it because the combat hat, along with the beret, are not going to go out of style. 

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